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Cashewcamera t1_j6z2kk7 wrote

The military is good for this with a big addendum:

The right job.

He should aim for fields like health care, nuclear, aircraft mechanic (specifically aircraft), underwater, computer security, wielder, electronics repair, Intelligence, or a job with a high clearance he can then push into the civilian sector (at least Top Secret). There are lots of good jobs that translate well to civilian life with good paying jobs.

He should steer clear of infantry, supply, truck driver, artillery, mechanic. They will give you nothing.

There are lots of subreddits to help with this. If he’s not into military life it’s better to go Coast Guard or Airforce.

He should at least study for the ASVAB and take the test.

Active duty is full board, food, health care, 30 days paid vacation and college money. Should anyone HAVE to do this? NO. But it is an absolutely viable option to get ahead of the game when your starting off at the bottom of the ladder.