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LaChanz t1_j6xya0e wrote

Oh deer....


BackItUpWithLinks t1_j6xzjb9 wrote

Does you have a problem with that?


LaChanz t1_j6yfwsy wrote

What the buck are you going on about?


BackItUpWithLinks t1_j6ykou4 wrote

Oh fuck I’m getting downvoted 🤣

Caribou-lieve that?!


Tony-Flags t1_j6ypwfx wrote

If only people had a hart, they wouldn't downvote you so much.


WhimWhamWhizzyWazzle t1_j6y4urf wrote

Real curious what the front end of the car looks like


jamilynnfitz t1_j6y6juc wrote

Could be someone else hit it, they didn't want it and Ta Daa was able to get the deer and tag from game warden


chevalier716 t1_j6ybq0a wrote

Either that or driving with a car that says "Dodge" is a dire warning to deer everywhere.


LaChanz t1_j6ygb2g wrote

I once saw a Dodge pickup with Ram on the back tailgate and someone painted "a lam a ding dong" under it.


gilmangriff1 t1_j72sbka wrote

Or in this case less of a warning and more of a challenge... would be better if this was a dodge challenger...


EasternMaine t1_j6yijz2 wrote

I knew a guy that had a plow on his dodge who hit at least four within a few years.


kjimdandy t1_j6yn5ak wrote

Could you imagine this car and this license plate coming in to save the day after you and your frigged up front end just annihilated a deer?


bigbluedoor t1_j6ya8ga wrote

i kinda wonder if it’s just a taxidermied head as a bit


Oblivion615 t1_j6yjqmi wrote

Zoom in. That a whole deer stuffed in the trunk.


bigbluedoor t1_j6yxdgr wrote

i can’t see anything in the trunk? it’s just dark with smudges on the wild shield in the way.

there’s something on the far left side that could maybe be a leg but could also be just about anything else

edit: oh wait actually i just realized the deer has a tongue hanging out lol. i suppose that could be fake as part of a bit but i’m leaning toward whole deer now


geaibleu OP t1_j6zl9t1 wrote

I'm fairly certain there was a whole deer


RealMainer t1_j71v8i7 wrote

There are actually 30 deer in the trunk. It's basically a clown car except instead of clowns, deer.


FinnLovesHisBass t1_j6y3l2p wrote

The deer was a nice touch. Makes me love Mainahs with their sense of humor.


costabius t1_j6y4skp wrote

And for my next trick, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hood!


BuggerPie81 t1_j6y47ug wrote

Oh fucking Maine, I love you. Signed - not a hunter


Yaktheking t1_j6yow5a wrote

Legally they have to display the animal on the exterior of the vehicle, until it has been registered as harvested at a game station. (Assuming it was hunted)


LeoIsRude t1_j6yztm7 wrote

Unless this was taken a few months ago, the deer probably jumped in front of the car. You know, normal deer behavior.


Inevitable-Ad-6952 t1_j6zds12 wrote

Wait, how do we know the deer is dead and not just hiding in the back to jump out and prank the driver


robbins290 t1_j6yyac0 wrote

Love mine!!!!! I did this with the wifes car a few years ago. She was pissed. But lewst i had meat.


IamSauerKraut t1_j6zj3z3 wrote

Remember the stuffed Garfield butts hanging out of the trunks?


robbins290 t1_j6zkz2n wrote

i rememeber those, I was roughly 10, my grand mother had one.


farmingmaine t1_j721d5v wrote

I remember when you could tie a deer down across the passenger side of the front hood of the large cars driven in the 1960’s. There were so many driving down the Maine Turnpike on Sundays heading South during deer season. We would see them returning from visiting grand parents.


otakugrey t1_j70hsq7 wrote

I miss deer, I haven't tasted any in so long.


rectumlike t1_j71pibf wrote

I cant help but think there's a couple dents on the front of that car.


MainelyKahnt t1_j72ob9x wrote

One of my college buddies from NYC hit a deer and was freaking out. Then proceeded to freak out even more when the cop who came to the accident scene asked if he wanted to keep it🤣.


neuromonkey t1_j6ylty1 wrote

... must have used the wrong hat...


Joedome t1_j6yrj4c wrote

There are many licence plates in Willy's ale room


MaineChowder71 t1_j6zfr5v wrote

This needs to be in the other post titled "You know you are from Maine when......"😂😂


rofopp t1_j6zhfcb wrote

Stumbled into The Aristocrats


BeemHume t1_j6zqr1r wrote

I was just thinking this sub was going South

and then you

totally redeem yourself!


sacredblasphemies t1_j70v14d wrote

There's something about the combination of the deer and that license plate that's just hilarious.

Like it's a magic trick gone awry.

"Hey, me pull a deer out of this guy's trunk!"



LeagueInteresting453 t1_j72itis wrote

I have a lot of respect for hunters who don’t drive a pickup. No frills, just get in there and do the job


geaibleu OP t1_j72nrsl wrote

Fairly certain that deer wasn't hunted


IamSauerKraut t1_j6zir69 wrote

OMG, whatever did you do to Bambi??