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Breezy207 t1_j8en18i wrote

The new MMA training vessel, due in 10/24, will use electric power to run its engines when its on the dock.


PGids t1_j8fj6pc wrote

Uh, it’s got 4x Wabtec V16 diesels that are allegedly setup in a way that they burn clean enough to not require typical SCR or urea emissions equipment which saves quite a bit of space plus doesn’t stink like shit.

Those are all bolted to Cummins generator sets; the propulsion itself is all electric but you need a way to produce said (fuckload of) power to spin the prop and run everything else on the ship

It’s going to be vastly more efficient than the current one but I don’t see how they’ll be using electric power to do anything non-standard on it


JimBones31 t1_j8ger3x wrote

You know if it'll still have Variable Pitch Propellers?


cafenegroporfa t1_j8e63ef wrote

I still feel like biofuel is the way to go for boats/planes and heavy machinery.

i’d be interested to see how long an electric boat could last


silence7 OP t1_j8eaajz wrote

The US currently dedicates~40% of corn, and a similar fraction of soybean oil to biofuels already. So there's limited room to expand biofuels to support all the applications that we currently use liquid fuels for. My expectation is that shorter-range boats, intended for single-day travel, are likely to be electrified.


cafenegroporfa t1_j8ehhhm wrote

This is all true. It seems like ferries would ideal for being electrified, considering they don’t go too far and are on a set course.

I’m still hopeful that we can manage to build a better biodiesel infrastructure to help support machinery/boats/planes. But everyone may keep pushing electric-powered transport


captaindog t1_j8ea74b wrote

Agreed- the endurance of a 36’ lobster boat depends on the energy density of diesel


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j8fd32r wrote

About halfway through their traps then they'd have to for a real boat to tow them in 😂 (joking I have no idea)


imnotyourbrahh t1_j8eozrl wrote

outboards? I wonder what the battery would cost to produce all of that torque for 10 hours. Boats are heavy with lots of friction.


Anstigmat t1_j8hx97c wrote

It would seem to me that hydrogen is more likely. I wanted to convert my small sailboat to electric and it’s still a tough sell, even being not that expensive. I will say I love my electric dinghy motor.


Silly_Jaguar_184 t1_j8ef9ny wrote

I could not imagine being the first guy to pull up to the wharf in a electric lobster boat. You would be roasted to a crisp!


Chessie-System t1_j8ekjf3 wrote

Lobster boats can use hundreds of dollars of diesel a day. If electric is cheaper, I'm thinking they'll be ok with some teasing.


Smitch250 t1_j8fdpxd wrote

Electric boats arent gonna be popular for a lonng lonng time. Huge strides need to be made.


PGids t1_j8fjd1y wrote

It’ll be like 100% autonomous driving, “five more years away” indefinitely


Smitch250 t1_j8fyj0u wrote

Well in cali its already happening but not in maine which is awesome for us