Submitted by TheAshouwak t3_119j8s9 in Maine

Hey guys just a local Mainer, hope everyone stays safe tomorrow and lets enjoy the snow. P.S I am ready for summer



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Nithuir t1_j9mlcm4 wrote

>I am ready for summer

You have doomed us to 6 more months of winter, way to go


EmeraldMoose12 t1_j9n4tmy wrote

Did we even get a winter this year?


Nomuza t1_j9n53dk wrote

Someone probably complained about the summer last year and doomed us to an extended one.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j9o0aun wrote

Nah, Mother Nature forgot and is now scrambling to catch up and fill the quota. Hence this storm.


sjm294 t1_j9omo1l wrote

It’s coming today and tomorrow ❄️


20thMaine t1_j9pidhg wrote

One man’s doom is another man’s ski excursion


HAMMERMAIN73 t1_j9o6la0 wrote

I love this stardew valley ass message


aKingofSpades t1_j9oo3pr wrote

Could someone please deliver me a parsnip in preparation for the storm? I'd like to put it on my mantle.

Reward: 90g


indyaj t1_j9pe8gu wrote

> P.S I am ready for summer

It's been summer all winter but with no bugs which is the best kind of summer.


justnocrazymaker t1_j9o7znc wrote

Sorry guys my Fedco order came this week so maybe the snow is my fault


cantseedeeznuts t1_j9ndrbw wrote

I'm going skiing!!!



justnocrazymaker t1_j9o839j wrote

Might be lift holds today because of the wind though 😞


cantseedeeznuts t1_j9o8x8k wrote

Wind isn't too bad on the coast...


justnocrazymaker t1_j9orwwn wrote

That’ll be great news for all those coastal ski resorts


cantseedeeznuts t1_j9ot1b5 wrote

I get your sarcasm...

The Camden Snow Bowl is my local, and they've done a GREAT job with the crappy hand they were delt this year.


Slow_Independent_44 t1_j9oc7th wrote

Winter overslept and is just now waking up. Mother Nature needs a bitch


ninjasays t1_j9p32kx wrote

I just rebuilt the motor on my snowmobile. Its been a tough winter to get it broken in!


FragilousSpectunkery t1_j9pnzso wrote

“Winter storm”. This used to be normal weather.


FrenchToaststrea t1_j9r598l wrote

I was thinking that I moved up north, here I am and they call a dusting a storm.


FragilousSpectunkery t1_j9rswri wrote

News/weather personalities on the TV need to maintain the hype. Can't just be reporting anymore.


Mainecunt t1_j9ptcci wrote

Lol local mainer, bullshit


813stemcell t1_j9q4g5j wrote

this plowable weather am I right


False_Code t1_j9q7x55 wrote

Make sure you guys leave your shovels out


SRI_NH t1_j9qg0ts wrote

I am in NH and just finished shoveling maybe 6 inches!


rectumish t1_j9y75jd wrote

we only got 2 inches the last one, far cry from 4 to 8. I should have been a weather man.


Mainecunt t1_j9rf8z3 wrote

Man what BRUTAL storm almost had to put boots on because the snow is UP to the TOP of my sneakers. I dunno how ill even get out of the driveway....


dubedube11 t1_j9mqm8p wrote

I'm worried about the Ohio "burn/spill" contaminating the ground and getting us sick


Sir_Drinks_Alot22 t1_j9n4zmj wrote



dubedube11 t1_j9n5kcb wrote

They burned the vinyl chloride in Ohio, there are multiple videos of water contamination, resulting in the passing of many wildlife.

While agitating the streams/ to rivers will show a new "rainbow film" that no one local has seen.

Other places like Canada have rainbow sheen snow showing the ranged effects from the poor controled burn


IamSauerKraut t1_j9n8tkt wrote

Ohio is a long way from Maine. Ottawa is downstream of tonight's weather, not Maine.


dubedube11 t1_j9nb3kv wrote

The weather is moving west, smoke rises... I doubt the plume of black smoke in Ohio instantaneously settled or burned in a manner that wouldn't spread toxic material...

I've had to report my neighbor multiple times to the local fire department and EPA for burning hazardous materials from car fluid to solid materials because I walk out of my car and almost instantly have my eyes burning while coughing shortly after...


IamSauerKraut t1_j9oknp0 wrote

>The weather is moving west, smoke rises.

Yes, and the sun rises. But not from the west.

Satellite images of the smoke, and then the plume, did not show it moving west. But I've already been over this point.


Decent-Lion2762 t1_j9rfxpw wrote

Why are you bring up Ohio on a Maine thread I'm sure there's many devoted to the Ohio train crash go there