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doeslizknit t1_j97joud wrote

We’ve started doing day trips to Bangor. Great coffee at wicked brew, good used book stores, and good shopping (rock and art store is my favorite right now, followed by one lupine — the paired yarn store is fantastic with local wools). We often pair it with Waterville to do vinyl record shopping and a meal at opa’s or buen appetito. Would recommend


Yourbubblestink t1_j9868so wrote

Wicked brew is definitely a great coffee hangout! Good food too


KYazut t1_j99yvqw wrote

Good used books stores? Anything other than Pro Libris?


Mjc792 t1_j9a38rp wrote

Bull Moose comes to mind although not strictly books


doeslizknit t1_j9a4f18 wrote

Pro Libris was the one I was thinking about. Good prices for old books


ILOVEBUBBASPARXXX t1_j9ax8fu wrote

I moved away from Bangor around 15 years ago, I’m really glad to hear Pro Libris is still around!

RIP Lippincott’s, you were my fave


mattsffrd t1_j9als6p wrote

FYI Buen moved to a new location on West River Road. Haven't been yet but heard good things.