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Bingo337 t1_j98inuv wrote

Is Bangor a nice place to visit for a family friendly vacation or would you recommend another city/area of Maine?


Amaryella92 t1_j98szgg wrote

I would go somewhere on the water, (Bar Harbor, Camden, Belfast) on the coast or up in the mountains (Sugarloaf, Rangeley, moosehead) I'm not sure where your originally from. I'm from the Bangor area and I don't know why anyone would want to "vacation" here but others may have more insight.


DougOneBillion t1_j98vyqc wrote

Bangor’s a great place to get a hotel room and take a nice hot shower after a few days of hiking in Baxter State Park. I recommend it as a central location utilized to make day trips to some of the most beautiful spots in Maine. Get up at dawn’s crack and climb Katahdin, or head to Belfast, or hike Gulf Hagas then keep driving to eat lunch at Abbott Bakery… visit Fort Knox and go up to the Penobscot Narrows Bridge observatory.


nzdastardly t1_j98yb1y wrote

No way go to one of the little motels in Millinocket!


DougOneBillion t1_j993fjs wrote

Can’t bear to ever since La Casa was torn down. 😪🍈🤗🍈😪


Psychological-Bear-9 t1_j98wcmw wrote

If you like being bored and disappointed. A commenter already suggested your best bet. The coast or the woods. There is nothing in Bangor you probably can't find at home.