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DistanceSuper3476 t1_ja0xbsk wrote

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It is so sad how Maine is losing it rural small town charm as so with pretty much all of New England!


neuromonkey t1_ja150nd wrote

There are plenty of charming, rural towns in Maine. They're the ones with names that are mostly unknown to tourists. Time, however, does march on, and we're all so fucking tired from the march that we forget that the best course of action isn't necessarily the one that generates the most money.


demalo t1_ja1931y wrote

Yeah go check out Palmyra. Or maybe Enta? How about Enfield? Don’t forget Wesley!


IamSauerKraut t1_ja1ilog wrote

Isnt Palmyra that place which constantly pops up on the wardens show? A place of snowmobile and atv thieves, and druggies. Also has a walmart... I'll pass. Dixfield seems nice, tho.


ppitm t1_ja1kkey wrote

Wiscasset looks almost exactly like that to this day, bub