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Dvx_Vinc52 t1_ja1nnj8 wrote

I remember a “Where in Maine” from Down East Magazine about 30 years ago that turned out to be the old military fort on the bank just over the bridge.

Question for the Red’s haters (you know who you are)…did you always hate it, or only after it became wildly popular and started causing a traffic cluster f*ck?


ralphy1010 t1_ja202ms wrote

it always was causing a cluster fuck even back in the 90s


Dvx_Vinc52 t1_ja3anzg wrote

I think you have the “Chronicle” tv show in part, to blame for that. Not only did they profile it on the show, but they put out a coffee table book and Red’s got a big spread in it. But apart from the aggravation, do people think the food is overrated…or lousy? I went once in the mid nineties and remember enjoying it, my girlfriend was less impressed.


ralphy1010 t1_ja5stl0 wrote

I grew up in Lincoln county but I never actually ate there, I do recall a time in the 90s when folks talked about the price and the portion of lobster being a hell of a deal. But I've heard those days are long gone from what folks in here seem to say.

I personally always liked Shaw's myself and when I am back up that way it's where I tend to go.