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ralphy1010 t1_ja202ms wrote

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it always was causing a cluster fuck even back in the 90s


Dvx_Vinc52 t1_ja3anzg wrote

I think you have the “Chronicle” tv show in part, to blame for that. Not only did they profile it on the show, but they put out a coffee table book and Red’s got a big spread in it. But apart from the aggravation, do people think the food is overrated…or lousy? I went once in the mid nineties and remember enjoying it, my girlfriend was less impressed.


ralphy1010 t1_ja5stl0 wrote

I grew up in Lincoln county but I never actually ate there, I do recall a time in the 90s when folks talked about the price and the portion of lobster being a hell of a deal. But I've heard those days are long gone from what folks in here seem to say.

I personally always liked Shaw's myself and when I am back up that way it's where I tend to go.