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costabius t1_ja0wq5h wrote

Pretty sure that's Wiscassett


neuromonkey t1_ja150nd wrote

There are plenty of charming, rural towns in Maine. They're the ones with names that are mostly unknown to tourists. Time, however, does march on, and we're all so fucking tired from the march that we forget that the best course of action isn't necessarily the one that generates the most money.


eccarina t1_ja17vvy wrote

Was this a quiz or a question


IamSauerKraut t1_ja1ilog wrote

Isnt Palmyra that place which constantly pops up on the wardens show? A place of snowmobile and atv thieves, and druggies. Also has a walmart... I'll pass. Dixfield seems nice, tho.


zzq_hum t1_ja1lqfw wrote

The worst red light in maine


Dvx_Vinc52 t1_ja1nnj8 wrote

I remember a “Where in Maine” from Down East Magazine about 30 years ago that turned out to be the old military fort on the bank just over the bridge.

Question for the Red’s haters (you know who you are)…did you always hate it, or only after it became wildly popular and started causing a traffic cluster f*ck?


Dvx_Vinc52 t1_ja3anzg wrote

I think you have the “Chronicle” tv show in part, to blame for that. Not only did they profile it on the show, but they put out a coffee table book and Red’s got a big spread in it. But apart from the aggravation, do people think the food is overrated…or lousy? I went once in the mid nineties and remember enjoying it, my girlfriend was less impressed.


e-rezzy t1_ja3cvkr wrote

Shittiest little village


baxterstate t1_ja3edhp wrote

There used to be two derelict ships to the right of the bridge, probably after this photo was taken.


chefmtm t1_ja3j0nf wrote

Twin sisters?

The rotting boats? I have been going up for 50 years, that’s how I knew we were close to lake Damariscotta. I met a transplant, we were talking about the boats from kids, his mom told him they were Viking ships


JooePasta t1_ja3tcbi wrote

I live off Forest Ave. Both are hell in Maine. But I'd have to agree that traveling through wiscasset rt.1 is absolute bullshit. At least forest has 4 lanes. And Baxter boulevard (although closed for the past 3 fucking years) provides a nice bypass when it's not being held hostage by utilities and sewer reconstruction. Both are BAD. Have definitely fantasized about arson because of both dysfunctions. Am I guilty? no. Could this be traced back to me in the future? It's not out of the question.


ralphy1010 t1_ja5stl0 wrote

I grew up in Lincoln county but I never actually ate there, I do recall a time in the 90s when folks talked about the price and the portion of lobster being a hell of a deal. But I've heard those days are long gone from what folks in here seem to say.

I personally always liked Shaw's myself and when I am back up that way it's where I tend to go.