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Sir_Drinks_Alot22 t1_j7hqded wrote

Lmao what was it a week?


GeoWannaBe t1_j7hq6sc wrote

Unbelievable that people keep hitting that same pole after they even put barriers and a stop sign on it! This is Wally World in Auburn Maine. Must have happened at least a dozen times.


blzac33 t1_j7hvk78 wrote

And we only see it when a Redditor happens to be there so who knows how many times it happens when one of us isn’t on location.


embolia6 t1_j7hymjs wrote

There are Facebook groups (maybe just one?) devoted to this pole also haha


blzac33 t1_j7hytce wrote

Too funny. Maybe we call UNESCO and try to set up a new landmark.


timothypjr t1_j7hqgjm wrote

Wow, though. I didn't imagine it would take so little time for someone to hit it again.


Mooshtonk t1_j7i6usi wrote

More like 100 plus times. It’s been happening since that Walmart was built. I know someone that hit it 12 years ago


kintokae t1_j7i8260 wrote

From the the compilation video I saw around Black Friday, it was at least 13. This time they used Jersey barriers and still managed to hit it. There going to be a roundabout put in soon.


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j7ig2a7 wrote

Is it actually the same one, though? I seem to remember it being more to the left side of the entrance.


LaChanz t1_j7ho17o wrote

Is there something in the water or Moxie down there?


mamunipsaq t1_j7hql0i wrote

When Auburn sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing pickup trucks. They’re bringing SUVs. They’re bad drivers. And some, I assume, are good drivers”


BracedRhombus t1_j7ht43m wrote

I don't get it. I've been to that Wal-Mart, I don't have an urge to run into random barricades and poles, or this one, specifically. Does it vanish in their blind spot? Does their blind spot expand? Is the pole magnetic?

Has anyone interviewed these people to find out why they did it?


art_decorative t1_j7hv5qc wrote

I can only assume there is some sort of forcefield at work here that draws vehicles in.


oneELECTRIC t1_j7ls85t wrote

> I don't have an urge to run into random barricades and poles

Probably because you are not drunk


Timely-Bee-8287 t1_j7hvcng wrote

They need to have a Camera outside so they can live feed it so it would make up for the cost of replacing the sign


ScottyNuttz t1_j7i480t wrote

Look at the top of the building in the picture lol. I bet their asset protection team just takes bets and watches that camera so day long.


Timely-Bee-8287 t1_j7i5ne5 wrote

When someone hit my car in the parking lot at Walmart they told me the camera on the outside are mostly there for show and don’t work


eljefino t1_j7i62tk wrote

They're there to track union organizing activity. Seriously.

They protect the company, they won't help you unless subpoenaed.


ScottyNuttz t1_j7ii4sp wrote

Yeah that was bullshit, you can bet if their property was involved, they'd have it on tape.


DonkeyKongsVet t1_j7i9rlp wrote

Their asset protection be like"Heck with that shoplifter, I'm watching the pole"


MacTechG4 t1_j7ijjom wrote

It’s Maine’s version of the 11’8” Can Opener bridge… ;)


Kartoffelkopf t1_j7hsg3u wrote

I think they need to close off that part of the city and let the SCP Foundation take over


ram1176 t1_j7i54jm wrote

We would be safer with the Foundation.


stedrocklp t1_j7i0z42 wrote

This potentially needs its own website like the 11' 8" bridge. I mean really...


xavyre t1_j7i4e3p wrote

All driving tests should have to be in that parking lot.


2SticksPureRage t1_j7j2y8q wrote

Caribou, Maine driving instructor: okay, take a left at the stop sign and now we’ll head down to Auburn, ME to do the Ballard parking lot test. 😂


geneticswag t1_j7hzpj2 wrote

Screw the super bowl pool... how many days til the next incident?


TheDiceMan2 t1_j7huxbs wrote

stop this is actually hilarious (assuming everyone is ok)


RelationshipBig2798 t1_j7i5ti4 wrote

How? As far as I'm aware this is only a auburn maine walmart problem. What is wrong with these people?


DidDunMegasploded t1_j7i8w7q wrote

Oh no. Biddeford Walmart has the same issue. It's just far, far less frequent.


yupuhoh t1_j7i0trt wrote

Hit it pretty damn hard to move those barriers too. Like it's a fucking parking lot. Slow the hell down


w1nn1ng1 t1_j7idf65 wrote

Honestly, at this point, anyone who hits this sign should immediately be forced to surrender their license.


notawight t1_j7hr8v0 wrote

This may sound crazy, but what if, now hear me out - what if they removed the stop sign?


MeepleMaster t1_j7hs8ax wrote

Probably would just start hitting people


notawight t1_j7hue46 wrote

There are parking lots all over without poles. Yet somehow it's not mass pedestrian-cide.


tobascodagama t1_j7ik5hy wrote

I mean, there are lots of poles that don't get hit either.


notawight t1_j7immdj wrote

Yeah - could be. I can't picture a lot of these parking lot poles, but I'm sure you're right.

This one, however, is clearly in a place that just lands in people's blind spots or something. This is like collision #27. I think we know this is a bad idea now, but they just keep rolling it back out hoping it won't happen again.


DamienSalvation t1_j7htcxh wrote

The pole is there to stop people from cutting through that disabled parking area.


notawight t1_j7huneh wrote

Ok. Put in a curb and some shrubbery to separate it? I dunno. I'm no parking lot architect, I just know there are poleless parking lots everywhere.


DamienSalvation t1_j7hvs8f wrote

Yeah that's how a lot of places do it. I don't get how you can miss this though...


notawight t1_j7i25ot wrote

Or anywhere... They're dedication to keeping this pole is impressive!!


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j7iibrd wrote

Nah, just let people keep running into it. It's doing the world a favor by at least temporarily taking people off the roads who probably shouldn't have driving licenses in the first place and giving wake-up calls to people who have just gotten careless.


Dirty_Lew t1_j7hzdc2 wrote

No it’s not. It’s a pole for the stop sign. Many other big parking lots do not have those in the disabled area.


Evening_Pension5388 t1_j7hxiab wrote

I’m pretty positive that someone did voodoo on this Walmart parking lot. Unfortunately all the crashes won’t stop people from shopping there.


lespritducellier t1_j7j1qwb wrote

I had the opportunity to visit the Auburn Walmart a couple of days ago and was somehow irrationally worried one of these poles would jump out in front of my car. Imagine my surprise to find they are wildly tall and have bright blinking stop signs on top of them, and these concrete barriers. They are far from invisible.


CaptKirkSmirk t1_j7kle3c wrote

Right?! I went to the auburn Walmart and felt super paranoid the whole time in the parking lot but the pole wasn't hard to see.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j7i92ae wrote

Less than a whole-ass week. Fucking madlads.

Cut corners, get fucked!


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j7ihvmn wrote

Unusual that it happened on a right turn. Maine drivers love to cut their left turns, but they typically swing out wider than loaded Freightliner when turning right.


birdfriend206 t1_j7i9b1o wrote

The walmaht murdah pole has struck again Sharon


EldVrangr t1_j7k849x wrote

Look Muthah someone tried wrapping ther cah round that damn pole at the Walmaht again. Jeezum crow that's gotta be the third time this week!


lobstah t1_j7huldr wrote

Pole standing there sayin " Missed Me !"


Moistpepper69 t1_j7hzc16 wrote

They have to get a new position at that walmart for someone to stay outside permanently helping people by directing traffic away from the sign.


TheMrGUnit t1_j7l7z5b wrote

Yeah I don't think you could pay me enough to do that job. People don't see an 8ft tall flashing stop sign with a giant yellow pole, surrounded by concrete barriers. No way in hell will they spot a single person.


dancingkittensupreme t1_j7i7du9 wrote

Why does this keep happening?? Do people not have eyes or is it a drug thing


[deleted] t1_j7iat1s wrote



2SticksPureRage t1_j7j3bov wrote

It’s true. Now whenever anyone attempts to hit the pole they’ll do damage to their own vehicle versus Walmart needing to replace this pole every five days.


Bazyli_Kajetan t1_j7ibsju wrote

Hey Siri, ask Spotify to play “one more time” by Daft Punk


Bunnylazersbacon t1_j7ickkh wrote

My wife just said that there must be some form of hell mouth there we shouldn’t over look.


[deleted] t1_j7htbro wrote



biggestofbears t1_j7i00z3 wrote

That panel on top is a solar panel. The most recent addition (from just last week) was blinky lights.


KeithMaine t1_j7ijaq4 wrote

Nooooooooo. This shit doesn’t stop. Fucking pole is gonna start bringing my insurance rates up. Fuck. This is crazy though. All of Maine knows about that terminator pole. I bet there’s a gravitational pull. Fucker sucks you in.


therealwolfe1982 t1_j7i1i3g wrote

If you think that’s bad for auburn, try going inside!


Maineguy58 t1_j7i2i0z wrote

Clearly built over a cursed burial ground.


Sophistrysapien247 t1_j7ibup9 wrote

Seriously out of the loop on this. Can someone fill in what's happening?


Sophistrysapien247 t1_j7ijeqb wrote

That also seems like something that has happened a bunch. Can you explain? Nothing explains it in what you shared


tobascodagama t1_j7ik3am wrote

That's because there's no rational explanation for why people keep hitting this one pole.


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j7im673 wrote

That pole has become a real pillar of the community in Auburn.


jamilynnfitz t1_j7i6e1v wrote

That took less time than I thought it would.


DonkeyKongsVet t1_j7i9y3s wrote

Maybe someday this pole will on its own take bad drivers off our roads. Then we can have reasonable auto insurance rates too.


lungleg t1_j7ic7uz wrote

All truck, no ability.


goldensurrender t1_j7in35m wrote

I think this must be some sort of Stargate and it's sucking people in


Hot_Salad9000 t1_j7i24gr wrote

It takes a special kind of stupid


BOOSH207 t1_j7i57kg wrote

Hilarious. Too good to be true


DelcoInDaHouse t1_j7i649h wrote

Is there not enough turning radius especially with a vehicle coming the other way? If so, the stop sign should be moved further from the building.


Random-Rambling t1_j7ifnfh wrote

They're not driving 18-wheelers. You can make the turn just fine if you're not going 25 mph in a fucking parking lot.


[deleted] t1_j7i8hvt wrote

"Thot it wuz a snow bank... dammit!"


sirgoofs t1_j7ii8so wrote

If only a thing existed that was concrete, about 6” tall, ran along the ground, and encircled the stop sign… like curbing.

They’ll figure it out sooner or later


sjm294 t1_j7iilwt wrote

OMG-this is awesome!


SunBlindFool t1_j7im396 wrote

They're going to have to hire someone to stand in front of it to stop people from hitting it. Although I pity the brave soul who risks their life for a stop sign.


Azr431 t1_j7im6mq wrote



Sophistrysapien247 t1_j7imbff wrote

People are so not self aware at all... but come on, where else are there barriers in the middle of am area like that


rival_22 t1_j7iof9p wrote

This is amazing


kidicarusx t1_j7ipkfy wrote

When do they decide to just remove the pole?


JEMColorado t1_j7iqxxw wrote

When will drivers concentrate on their right hand turns?


efferocytosis t1_j7iv682 wrote

Been around the world and found That only stupid people are breeding The cretins cloning and feeding


sexquipoop69 t1_j7iz0un wrote

I should park my car there. Need the insurance money


ihearnosounds t1_j7j152k wrote

I’m not at all surprised. The quality of driving in the Lewiston/Auburn area has become something else.


Commercial-Amount344 t1_j7jmj1n wrote

I was at Auburn Walmart last night. The stop signs all have red flashing lights highlighting them now.


Clamgravy t1_j7kgysw wrote

Is this the guy who hit the sidewalk pothole?


nhranger t1_j7ixjdi wrote

People are doing it on purpose now. 😂


FreedomsPower t1_j7iz9v5 wrote

Sadly that didn't take long at all


rectumlike t1_j7jsnb5 wrote

but the stop sign survived!


Lindarial t1_j7k89n2 wrote

Well, they didn't hit the pole. 🤣


dancingkittensupreme t1_j7kahro wrote

Let's be real here, where else are there big posts sticking out of the middle of a usually drive able area


PoggyP0GS t1_j7kbibp wrote

Most popular pole in Maine


Impressive-Stay-2618 t1_j7khotl wrote

Well I’ll be damned if this isn’t the makings of a new Steven King short story


beerbatteredarmchair t1_j7kph9s wrote

Whenever I've been at this Walmart I've parked well back from the store and walked so I've never hit this bollard myself. I now wonder how thoroughly I've taken my life into my hands by doing that. If every week someone hits that stationary and yellow pole how are pedestrians safe? I just don't go there now.


chiarascura88 t1_j7l86w6 wrote

Somebody needs to hurry up and call the Guinness book of records. There is no way a pole exists in the universe that is hit more often than this one.


rawdew2007 t1_j7l9wyt wrote

Right turn Clyde .......


draggar t1_j7ltojw wrote

Seriously, someone needs to set up a website for this.


After-Award-2636 t1_j7nml7e wrote

All bad drivers must make a pilgrimage to the auburn Walmart.