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HumanClaymore t1_j91d05i wrote

When we were looking to buy, we ended up crossing towns like Fairfield off our list due to PFAS. Let's hope this money actually goes to help those communities


indyaj t1_j925o5j wrote

I hate to break it to you but there are likely PFAS where you chose to live. It just hasn't been tested and/or mapped yet.

PFAS have been found in deer, fish and other wild edibles, not just soil and water.

I hope the money goes to testing in rural areas so the real scope of the problem is identified. We aren't even at the clean up phase yet.


HumanClaymore t1_j9262rc wrote

We actually asked our town for a water report on PFAS and they were able to provide one (which surprised us).

I'd wager most of us will have some contact with PFAS regardless. We're just lucky that our drinking water tested clean here


indyaj t1_j92eg1h wrote

That's a relief your water is safe. Hope your garden soil, fruit trees and berry bushes are safe too.

Here's some info on getting your yard soil tested:


HumanClaymore t1_j92epvm wrote

Thank you! We plan on gardening this year and this has been a concern. We were going to to raised beds to help, but knowing our soils condition would certainly ease the mind


indyaj t1_j92g1z0 wrote

Raised beds are just easier all the way around anyway, well except for installing them in the first place, but after that, easier for weeds and rodent control :-).

It might be worth getting the soil tested anyway in case roots go deeper than your raised beds and if you have kids that like to go out and play. Plus if you test early and have a problem, you can get on the list (if there's a list) for clean up assistance.