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runlikethewind5 t1_j7lw0th wrote

Just ensure you keep a non-electrical backup source of heat when you lose power.


silence7 OP t1_j7lxo53 wrote

You need that for pretty much every modern central heating system: they all use electricity for thermostats, fans, and pumps, even if the heat is generated using fossil fuels


MonsterByDay t1_j7m09cl wrote

True, but you need a significantly bigger generator to power a heat pump than to power a furnace.


silence7 OP t1_j7m54jn wrote

Yes, it takes a beefier backup system to power a heat pump than a furnace: it gets all its energy from the electricity.


Bridgertrailrunner t1_j7p98d1 wrote

In addition to that, you need a generator that provides stable electricity. Our system is set up for a small portable generator, but we couldn't run the heat pump without damaging the electrical system.