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Coffee-FlavoredSweat t1_j9aukwj wrote

“My daughter wanted to do something thrilling for her birthday, like IT at Jordan’s Furniture, or zip lining at Urban Air. I decided we’d stand uncomfortably close to the Auburn Walmart pole during regular business hours.”


Twerks4Jesus t1_j9awohm wrote

Has this pole become the Storrow dr of Maine?


OriginalGordol t1_j9b0x6a wrote

More like the Can Opener Bridge.

BTW, I loved driving on Sorrow Drive, when it's not rush hour. That S curve around Charles Circle... (I used to be a Boston taxi driver).


WhatIsThisDoingHere t1_j9cbw44 wrote

There’s also r/11foot8 for both the ‘official’ feed and lots of similar bridges (including the occasional Storrowing).


KD82499 t1_j9b1n2q wrote

Used to drive under that bridge daily in Durham. Now live mid-coast. Never thought I’d see them compared. Made me laugh early on a Monday.


207Simone t1_j9awvxb wrote

I’d have to say bingo!!! And your OP name is hilarious!!!


TheOfficialGum t1_j9bt8bh wrote

The best part of the article "The Auburn Walmart pole did not respond to requests for comment"


FortBlocks t1_j9b9d2v wrote

People used to come miles up to hit that stop sign with their car. The good old days…


Way2L8AND1 t1_j9b1f40 wrote

That is a BRAVE Place to stand ;) Those Jersey Barriers don't stop em. And the daisy disguise won't work either.


ButIDigress79 OP t1_j9aygns wrote

Perfect place for a Red’s Eats


thoughtfillednorth t1_j9axbod wrote

For those of us who don't know why this pole is famous, can you clue us in?

There's an artful middle finger in New Hampshire that's now an "ART" installation so the local town who didn't let the man open a business there, can't remove it.


bigbluedoor t1_j9az9m9 wrote

People can’t stop hitting it with their cars. they’ve added a flashing stop sign and jersey barriers and at one point tried to remove it with an excavator, but it keeps on totaling cars. I thought it was just a meme on this subreddit but i guess it’s become a real local icon. kind of endearing really.

does anyone have a compilation album of the cars it’s claimed?


Islands-of-Time t1_j9bsjh4 wrote

I’ve seen other signs completely demolished by what I assume are the oversized lifted trucks.

Just like, a whole KFC “Enter” sign just gone. Barely even a nub where the pole was.

Fire hydrants, medians, sidewalks, pedestrians. Nothing is spared.


jcyr t1_j9be6j2 wrote

How as nobody made a website with cam for this yet?


DOGO8991 t1_j9eorf8 wrote

My guess would be private property and Walmart sucks?


Admiral_sloth94 t1_j9ay5wp wrote

Look how the back one is canted you know people are still hitting it


DidDunMegasploded t1_j9bfgmp wrote

Honestly, good for her.

Both the fact that her mother drove her to see the famous pole, and for the fact that she and her mother somehow didn't get plowed over.


IamSauerKraut t1_j9bl2f3 wrote

That they have 3+ hours to drive there from somewhere far away...


amb8936 t1_j9bb6lg wrote

That’s, uhh, the wrong one. The right one is in front of the general entrance, not grocery.


PantyPixie t1_j9bnchd wrote

Maybe auburn locals can correct me if I'm wrong but it appears that you're correct.

The building in the official photos on Google look nothing like the one in this post. I think the primary pole with the most issues is by vision/home/pharmacy, the grocery pole has a few crashes of it's own but primarily the other one is the biggest target.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j9bf2xe wrote

...There's a general entrance of a Walmart? Since when? AFAIK it's just been 2-3 doors--Grocery and Pharmacy, and Home and Garden/Living (and/or Lawn and Garden), depending on location. There was a general entrance 2 decades ago before the franchise's stores as a whole rebranded, but that's gone away now.

This pole has the lights and the barriers, plus the solar panel. I don't think it's the wrong one.


PantyPixie t1_j9bn7do wrote

According to Google image it is the wrong one. OP's background looks nothing like the official one.

Also there isn't a "tire country" in Auburn. The pole is ironically in front of the vision center.

Edit: according to that other Reddit post photo 20 shows a crash in front of Grocery, but all the others are in front of Vision and Home/Pharmacy.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j9dywk5 wrote

The pole (not the one in OP) looks to be smack-dab in between the vision center and the Home & Pharmacy entrance, but I guess it all depends on the camera angle.

Or maybe there are two poles being hit and the H&P one gets more attention. And both of them have barriers up.

I can't say for sure unless I see it with my own eyes.


peppapoofle4 t1_j9ba5hb wrote

Someone go wrap that pole in festive tape and put a little sparkle in it. Lol


starchildofME t1_j9bvshb wrote

The Auburn Walmart pole is my favorite Maine urban legend


West_Ad_8279 t1_j9cj0rk wrote

I’m trying to find out who’s more stupid, the driver who hit the pole or the family that drove 1.5 hours to see it


ItsMissiBeaches t1_j9d150b wrote

I'm so happy the Target opened in Auburn.


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j9d59h4 wrote

The drivers suck there, too. The last time I went, someone backing into the space behind my truck backed over the line and right into my rear bumper whilst I was in the store. The best part of that was the guy was in a subcompact. He could've stopped a good six feet further forward and still been in the space.


hcrichton6969 t1_j9bw5zm wrote

I don’t understand the deal with this pole. Could someone enlighten me?


PantyPixie t1_j9d8aqr wrote

There's two links in this comment feed. One with a video and one a photo compilation.


Completeasshole1 t1_j9cgjmr wrote

Haha I go there and for the life of me I cannot figure this out!


GoArmyNG t1_j9czafh wrote

No! That parking lot is fucking packed enough. God....


cathar_here t1_j9ciux6 wrote

this is freaking awesome!


dirtyword t1_j9daex2 wrote

Really brings back memories to see these shots - my friends and I did a heist to steal those bollard covers in the background about 21 years ago.


DonkeyKongsVet t1_j9djkfe wrote

Kid is going to be on an episode To Tell The Truth Here it is in her words

"It was my birthday. My mom asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted this to be an experience I will never forget. I wanted to do something unusual, daring, something nobody my age at the time thought of. So, after hearing about this pole in a Walmart getting hit all the time, I thought to myself 'thats it' I will be the coolest kid in school if I do a daredevil stunt that puts me in front of a stop sign that gets hit quite often Today, I'm here to tell the story of my heroic act, the story of my mom putting my life at risk, by standing in front of a stop sign at the Auburn, Maine Walmart." 😂


Famous_Quality_5931 t1_j9fs8rg wrote

It’s also my birthday today. 21st. Someone pay for the booze and I’ll knock it over again.