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Yourbubblestink t1_j82jjaj wrote

Also, the relief checks are $450, not $850


rmariejones1979 t1_j82jsgu wrote

This decision was actually in reference to the $850 checks that were sent out last year and whether or not they had to be claimed when filing your 2022 income taxes. Not the ones being sent out now.


egoodkowsky t1_j82jwsr wrote

This refers to the $850 relief checks from last year not the $450 checks going out now


tsmit50 t1_j82lnys wrote

When we can’t keep track of all the free money the government sends us.


DaNostrich t1_j83yltd wrote

Be mad at all the people who abused the PPP loans and then had it forgiven, dude in Maine just got time for getting over a million, I think these relief checks are the least of our concerns


Arkitakama t1_j83irui wrote

Oh whoopee, $450. Think I'll retire on that insane amount. Buy a house in the Caribbean, shack up with a cute native, raise a couple dozen kids... All on this huge amount of money.


LordG20 t1_j834cqr wrote

It is good to know the gun I am getting is with money that won't be taxed


20thMaine t1_j84if0w wrote

Or you know, you could use that to get a bit of insulation or fix a drafty window.


LordG20 t1_j85bpmz wrote

Nah.... but the Wife and her girlfriends are going Hollywood Slots with theirs.


FrenchToaststrea t1_j8558zt wrote

Not sure why this is getting down voted. I know people who bought blow with their bucks


LordG20 t1_j85dhp8 wrote

I work in construction, I don't anyone who is going to use this for heating. Everyone is talking about tattoos, guns or vacations in warmer climates.