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raynedanser t1_jacg4n0 wrote

Hogan Road Burger King has entered the chat.


Yourbubblestink t1_jad28b0 wrote

Why does the city of Bangor allow property to sit around derelict? Seems like we need a more assertive code enforcement officer


kindlered t1_jad90y4 wrote

Old Town Irving that shut down in 2014 and has been abandoned since, has entered the chat.


raynedanser t1_jad2skh wrote

Because they have plenty to do already? Dereliction happens.


Yourbubblestink t1_jad5mkg wrote

Lol have you been to Bangor? I know of run down and abandoned buildings that have been untouched for 25 years, how busy can he be? Lol


raynedanser t1_jad61op wrote

I'm there daily. There's rules and regulations that I won't even pretend to be an expert on. I do know they can't just swoop in.


Yourbubblestink t1_jad6p1k wrote

Cool ask him about that empty gas station on Garland Street next to the laundromat. I called him about that place. 25 years ago. They don’t work hard at city hall.


raynedanser t1_jadcfbj wrote

I have better things to do than harass city workers. There's probably a reason you never heard back.


Yourbubblestink t1_jae6gkr wrote

Lol when did expecting someone to do their job become harassment? High drama language😀


raynedanser t1_jae8bp0 wrote

Bug? Pester? Why do I think you weren't perfectly polite in that call? I know I just love when the general public tries to tell me how to do mine when they don't have a clue.


Yourbubblestink t1_jaeo568 wrote

Yeah, it went something like this. Hi Bangor code enforcement officer, there’s a falling down building near my house that’s been that way for nearly 20 years. I’m wondering if the city is going to take any action because it doesn’t seem safe.


ASeluke87 t1_jae3pvt wrote

Since the current CEO didn't work for the city of Bangor 25 years ago, you may want to re-up your inquiry. And be nice. The current one is a super nice guy and would probably be very open and willing to tell you about that property.


Yourbubblestink t1_jae63wg wrote

Lol He was trained by the last one. Also, since we are it What’s up with the Norbert x dowd buildings and the rabbis place in State street? Both have been rotting in place in downtown Bangor for decades.

Code enforcement in this town is a joke


ASeluke87 t1_jae76zg wrote

Apply for the job. Do better than them. I double dog dare ya. ;)


Yourbubblestink t1_jae8az5 wrote

I’d like to say that I don’t have the qualifications but I bet do. Yikes.


0necellintheseaa t1_jadczbj wrote

I drove by and noticed that the other day. I couldn’t believe how destroyed it looks and no one is doing anything about it.