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acister t1_j877bpn wrote

Toxic death cloud train derailment, two UFOs down, an ambiguous spy balloon. I'm a little concerned


FragilousSpectunkery t1_j87akdi wrote

They’ll stop at nothing to dismiss the threat of catastrophic climate change.


FrenchToaststrea t1_j88q5p5 wrote

Nah the earth gonna be fine… it’s the people on it. Once we are all gone earth will flourish.


[deleted] t1_j890ja3 wrote

build more condos I say


mcCola5 t1_j8ar1he wrote

The sound of hammers will be the death rattle of our species.


No-Needleworker6950 t1_j86x1ag wrote

Mini Chernobyl aka the East Palestine derailment will go down as one of the most devastating events in the US ever & its barely being reported on. Not only is the air being polluted, animals are dying in the area and water is being heavily polluted killing fish is rivers & streams. The soil is also heavily contaminated which will cause many issues for crop season coming up. Just a few of the chemicals that burned for many hours include;

  • Vinyl Chloride -Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether -Ethylhexyl acrylate -Isobutylene -Butyl acrylate

Very dangerous cancer causing chemicals.

Official EPA document is linked below.

Pray for Ohio.


ppitm t1_j87a5aj wrote

> will go down as one of the most devastating events in the US ever

Press X to doubt. According to the air testing results in your link, all the actually harmful chemicals (everything except oxygen) is down below the screening levels and most are already at zero.

So far as I can tell, we are talking about a few square kilometers of agricultural Ohio. Really can't think of anything in U.S. history that has caused more damage than that?


NotYou007 t1_j87d362 wrote

It has been national news for days. I don't understand why folks such as yourself say it's barely reported on when that's 100% bullshit.


SeawolfGaming t1_j87vo25 wrote

I haven't seen it once and I look at the news a lot.


NotYou007 t1_j881i4v wrote

It's been covered by every major news network. There are hundreds of articles online in regards to it. WABI alone has posted numerous articles. Not sure what news you watch because it's been hard to miss the stories.


DaNostrich t1_j88gndm wrote

I watched the fires on the news Friday morning


DidDunMegasploded t1_j881jmb wrote

Same here. I read the news on the daily. Never heard of this until I saw a tweet with pictures of the cloud itself.


hesh582 t1_j898fti wrote

The news you see when you "look at the news a lot" is a function of the algorithmic media bubbles you've chosen to surround yourself in, not what news outlets have actually chosen to report upon.

Every major outlet has had significant, continual, in depth coverage since the event. If you didn't see that but think you should have, you really ought to take a look at your media diet and figure out why that is.


MuForceShoelace t1_j8dybz1 wrote

The idea is that it's some sort of end of the world event but that it's covered up, so every time they report on it that is a coverup because they aren't saying the made up stuff twitter said.


hesh582 t1_j8982p5 wrote

While it's very locally bad, it's not even close the the worst Ohio has ever seen, much less the US. It's not "mini chernobyl" ffs - the real bulk of the problem comes from the phosgene and hydrogen cloride released in the burning of the vinyl chloride. Very nasty chemicals, but ones that rapidly dissipate.

The Cuyahoga river literally caught on fire 18 times. It used to be an entirely dead waterway. No fish could live there, nothing could live there besides a few invertebrates. The fact that there are even animals present to kill in the first place makes this not nearly as bad as past Ohioan environment debacles.

If you look at the whole country... I mean come on. Google Love Canal. Look at pictures of Centralia, PA, if you want an example of an actual Chernobyl-like exclusion zone in the US. This is unfortunate and will certainly not be without consequences, but we're way better at destroying the planet than this. It's not even that bad in the narrow category of "rail disaster chemical spills" - the 1979 Mississauga derailment makes this look trivial.

It has also been reported on extensively, in every major outlet. Come on, not everything needs to be shades of conspiracy. If you're not seeing anything about it, that's more of a symptom of the algorithmic media bubble you've chosen for yourself than a lack of reporting.

The disaster was bad, but perspective still matters. It's being treated in social media as practically apocalyptic, and it just isn't. The real tragedy here looks to be how avoidable it was, and that should be the focus.

Oh, and if it will actually be a Chernobyl-like long term disaster that will permanently contaminate the area and limit human habitation, it will be the best thing to happen to the Ohio environment in a long time.


ppitm t1_j8a0akm wrote

Quit ruining our fun, we wanted to panic.


crowislanddive t1_j882fxy wrote

I have been wondering as well. Acid rain specifically generated from coal plants in Ohio wound up here in the 90’s. It was reported on consistently and I took a class on it in college. I need to look at the jet stream and other contributing factors but if I think Maine specifically could actually receive more of the pollution than Ohio.


Awkward_Mixture_8990 t1_j88bwsn wrote

New England is Americas exhaust pipe. We get a lot of bad air from the rest of Americas production. It’s why our air quality is so poor compared to what it should be with all our trees and the ocean next door.


crowislanddive t1_j88nr1g wrote

The truth. It’s one of the reasons our cancer levels are so high.


dabeeman t1_j8i37bq wrote

and because we let places like bath iron works and the naval base in brunswick dump toxic chemicals all over the place and get into the drinking water.


[deleted] t1_j88pa45 wrote



crowislanddive t1_j88plna wrote

I’m not as concerned about breathing it as I am with it mixing with precipitation and raining down on the state.


TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j8934zz wrote

My town won't ban burning oil. Fuckn boomers


mymaineaccount46 t1_j8adiw4 wrote

Like for heat or used motor oil?


TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j8anh0h wrote

Either one. No one would ban anything. Nobody cares abd some people even like to pollute and destroy the environment


mymaineaccount46 t1_j8blce8 wrote

I mean there's a very good reason to not ban heating oil...


TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j8bot3k wrote

Don't say heat.


mymaineaccount46 t1_j8c0y30 wrote

Heat is the reason. Loads of people aren't going to be able to afford changing their heat source if their current one is banned.

Just banning things has serious consequences when people depend on those things to live.


TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j8c4ekx wrote

There's a lot of serious shit we definitely should ban, though


Toibreaker t1_j8csrmk wrote

Petroleum products isn’t one of those, yet. Electrical infrastructure isn’t economically capable of replacing oil for heat or the internal combustion engine for transportation and shipment of goods. Once you understand that Nuclear power is the best zero carbon power generation option, we can build more power plants to feed the grid and take all the Gas and coal plants offline, and have carbon free electricity.

solar takes a huge ground footprint (beyond the natural resources and supply chain issues to manufacture), wind is not reliable (also takes huge amounts of natural resources to create, as well as the tons of non recyclable plastics used in them) and hydro does not have the capacity to fill our growing needs.


TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j8dda3k wrote

Solar doesnt put a huge blanket of poison in the environment. Oil does. We need to grow trees and shink consumption.


Toibreaker t1_j8dkpt9 wrote

Actually it does, the equipment used to mine the minerals necessary to manufacture industrial sized panels burn on average 1800 gallons of diesel an hour, EACH. Then there are the plastics used in those same panels, made out of oil/petroleum, then there is the thousands of acres of woodlands that will be cut down to create a solar “farm” Add into all of that the electricity used to manufacture everything and that’s even more fossil fuels that are burnt. So yes solar power does burn fossil fuels and contributes to the exact pollution you’re talking about. When green or alternative energy sources are readily available and economical to replace fossil fuels or should we ever actually reach the point where cold fusion is possible than absolutely replace fossil fuels but right now fossil fuels are the cheapest and best method to power our electrical grid and daily lives.


[deleted] t1_j89scr6 wrote



TarantinoFan23 OP t1_j89sq46 wrote

I see your point. I have a plan to provide long term heating solutions to the community with no pollution and a massive cost savings.


Earthling1a t1_j8cc1i7 wrote

We're working on it at the state level. One step at a time.


costabius t1_j8aqn99 wrote

Climate change is doing us a favor with this one, the jet stream is like a wave that travels around the pole with the peak of the wave dipping south into the US. It used to be a pretty shallow wave that came down across the midwest and arced back up across the great lakes before passing over New England. Right now, the is a few hundred miles wide and stretches down to Texas. So, as it passes, Northerly winds will take the crap ion Ohio up into Canada, then southerly winds will carry the crap to the south. Basically, if it's unseasonably warm here we are fine, but in the 5 or so hours before a big temperature drop, if we get some snow, it might have some crap from Ohio in it.


Guygan t1_j86rngj wrote

Ohio Death Cloud?

One of my fave metal bands. They haven't toured in a few years. I'm stoked!!!


MosskeepForest t1_j87nflt wrote

I asked the same thing yesterday, and people were downvoting and calling it crazy to be asking about.... haha


mymaineaccount46 t1_j88rvdo wrote

It's really far away. Even if the winds are right it would dissipate before getting here.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_j86wgpf wrote

Probably….everyone pack up and move to California!!


meowmix778 t1_j896pv7 wrote

I've worked around paint too much in my life. If I ever touch foot in California I'll instantly get cancer.


FenwaysMom t1_j87b0ke wrote

Well that sucks because the winds this week are coming from the southwest.


schillerstone t1_j894z6j wrote

I checked the wind map and it appears the wind near the accident is heading south west


Freeman0032 t1_j8alb9h wrote

I have not heard about this on the news at all.

Any links to more data. I’m sure we are fine untill we are not.


That-Letter-5888 t1_j8assmx wrote

Anything to push the attention away from the Epstein list.