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SeawolfGaming t1_j87vo25 wrote

I haven't seen it once and I look at the news a lot.


NotYou007 t1_j881i4v wrote

It's been covered by every major news network. There are hundreds of articles online in regards to it. WABI alone has posted numerous articles. Not sure what news you watch because it's been hard to miss the stories.


DaNostrich t1_j88gndm wrote

I watched the fires on the news Friday morning


DidDunMegasploded t1_j881jmb wrote

Same here. I read the news on the daily. Never heard of this until I saw a tweet with pictures of the cloud itself.


hesh582 t1_j898fti wrote

The news you see when you "look at the news a lot" is a function of the algorithmic media bubbles you've chosen to surround yourself in, not what news outlets have actually chosen to report upon.

Every major outlet has had significant, continual, in depth coverage since the event. If you didn't see that but think you should have, you really ought to take a look at your media diet and figure out why that is.