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Norgyort OP t1_j87ey09 wrote

I can understand employees not wanting to deal with customers breaking the law.

It just seems really unsanitary for a dog to be walking around a grocery store, shedding hair and licking things. For some people it could be beyond gross if they're allergic to dogs.


egoodkowsky t1_j87fqlx wrote

You think the dogs are bad, start looking at the people!


feina635 t1_j88diy7 wrote

For real. My dogs are definitely cleaner than many if the people I see at Market Basket


Guygan t1_j891tfm wrote

I was in Hannaford and watched from 5 feet away as a dude punched another dude in the face twice for blocking the frozen food aisle with his cart.

I've never seen a dog punch anyone in Hannaford.


egoodkowsky t1_j8926lc wrote

I was in Walmart years back in the DVDs, and a guy next to me arched back and hocked a loogie right at Saving Private Ryan. I said nothing, he said nothing and he walked away.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j8ae7q8 wrote

Aaaaand that is why I believe in night shopping supremacy. You all really don't know what you're missing until you go shopping at night.

I've walked into stores during the day...I might as well throw myself right into a bonfire with all the intent in the world. That, and the traffic...eugh.

Night shopping means less people, less conflict, less's just pure utter peace. I can shop to my own heart's desire without having to deal with asshats and doing 2,400 flop sweats over social interactions.


Verity41 t1_j88pf6r wrote

You’re aware that children are HIGHLY unsanitary yes? I see them in stores all the time picking noses and snotting / coughing on and touching everything. We don’t ban THEM, and talk about “beyond gross”!


2SticksPureRage t1_j8del9k wrote

Lol, this reminds me of the time I was at KFC. There was two boys in front of me, their father was ordering. One of the boys put the metal line divider thing (not sure what it’s called but it’s there to help people form a line) between his buttcheeks and was just gliding back and forth on it. Lol, have never touched those things since!


Verity41 t1_j8dl540 wrote

Ewwww. Like all shopping carts with those plastic panels and straps where the kids go… gross.

One of the reasons I completely LOVE winter - it’s normal to wear gloves all the time so you never have to touch that stuff bare handed.


Guygan t1_j88hvlt wrote

> seems really unsanitary for a dog to be walking around a grocery store, shedding hair and licking things


I have two dogs and they are in my kitchen all the time. I've never gotten sick.


SarahDrish t1_j8a001x wrote

If you choose to live like a dog, that's your prerogative, but you shouldn't force your filthy beasts on others.


Verity41 t1_j8alzsf wrote

I feel the same about kids. Keep ‘em home and away from the rest of us.


Beneficial-Basket-42 t1_j8dlgcn wrote

I feel the same way about kids and dogs in grocery stores as well, but the opposite as you it seems. It isn't safe or legal to just leave your kids at home or in the car when you go to a grocery store, so there they are. People will break the windows of your car if they see a dog left in it, so in they go. I think it is usually out of necessity when you see either inside.

I'm not currently a dog owner, but I can tell you, it is much easier to grocery shop without one in tow. The same goes for a child times 10.


Verity41 t1_j8dnvf2 wrote

For sure. Was tongue-in-cheek actually… I was just attempting to match the hyperbolic hysterical comment of someone who thinks having dogs in the kitchen is “living like a dog”, and that they are “filthy beasts”.

I actually love dogs though I can’t have one right now (gone from home too much). And I understand that of course people cannot leave kids in cars. They sure are walking germ-boxes tho, no one can deny that!


[deleted] t1_j8blbnp wrote



2SticksPureRage t1_j8dewv7 wrote

But have you seen the video of that one teenager licking the ice cream and putting it back? In fact wasn’t it even a TikTok challenge going around the teen community?

My dog would never.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j87l21s wrote

Yeah...but the best thing you can do is just go at night or early in the morning, if possible. Less people, less dogs, just peace and quiet.

It'll probably get worse come summer. Even though people crack open windows, they'll be taking aaaaaall the dogs into the stores for a leg stretch or exercise or whathaveyou.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_j87m2e5 wrote

I’ve never ever seen a dog lick something in a grocery store….that’s gross, I would not lick anything in a grocery store. Definitely not healthy for a dog either. People walking in with what have you on their shoes….good lord.


kubabooba t1_j88h62v wrote

I think it's more unsanitary when people pick and choose vegetables and fruits with their bare hands. Any how mama always said wash your fruits and vegetables when you get home.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j8aejgm wrote

Curious as to what you would propose as a solution? Use the bags? Mandatory gloves?


kubabooba t1_j8aevto wrote

Just wash your fruits and vegetables before consumption


DidDunMegasploded t1_j8atmfj wrote

Ah, I see. Makes sense. I do that with all my groceries anyway. Thank you, Hannie's signs. /j


dabeeman t1_j8i78br wrote

bodega cats have been a thing for a long time. Kids are just as gross as dogs imho. touching and grabbing everything with disgusting hands.