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egoodkowsky t1_j87fqlx wrote

Reply to comment by Norgyort in Dogs in grocery stores. by Norgyort

You think the dogs are bad, start looking at the people!


feina635 t1_j88diy7 wrote

For real. My dogs are definitely cleaner than many if the people I see at Market Basket


Guygan t1_j891tfm wrote

I was in Hannaford and watched from 5 feet away as a dude punched another dude in the face twice for blocking the frozen food aisle with his cart.

I've never seen a dog punch anyone in Hannaford.


egoodkowsky t1_j8926lc wrote

I was in Walmart years back in the DVDs, and a guy next to me arched back and hocked a loogie right at Saving Private Ryan. I said nothing, he said nothing and he walked away.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j8ae7q8 wrote

Aaaaand that is why I believe in night shopping supremacy. You all really don't know what you're missing until you go shopping at night.

I've walked into stores during the day...I might as well throw myself right into a bonfire with all the intent in the world. That, and the traffic...eugh.

Night shopping means less people, less conflict, less's just pure utter peace. I can shop to my own heart's desire without having to deal with asshats and doing 2,400 flop sweats over social interactions.