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mrfebrezeman360 t1_j8avwcc wrote

my favorite is when im standing at a street corner waiting for something/somebody, and a driver will stop and try to force me to cross the street lol. Why do you want me to cross the street? I'm not going over there


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_j8awpdi wrote


Especially near one of the blind sidestreets or at a 4-way with only two stop signs


FecesThrowingMonkey t1_j8b2cef wrote

Holy fuck yes, that happens almost every day when I'm walking my dog. I've lived in about 7 different cities and never had so many awkward pedestrian - driver interactions as here.

And then the very next car could go blazing right in front of you and eye-fucking you as you're in a crosswalk!