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Politikr t1_j6kwf8j wrote

I'm not saying he deserved to be shot. I'm saying that's one possible outcome, a rational adult person should consider. I do.


Coldest-Spinach t1_j6l405v wrote

Being a decent human and not murdering people is also a possible outcome... To live in fear of making any mistakes-- which is part of the human experience to do-- for fear of being murdered is no way to live.

It seems you live a very privileged life if this is how you think, and I implore you to instead of blaming victims of such heinous crimes to instead imagine if that was you, your friends, your father, your brother, your lover. Imagine yourself, at 24 years old, still learning, still growing, still navigating life, still trying to understand emotions and in one little burst of anger you impulsively throw a punch-- only for your whole entire life so far to be taken away, as well as prevent the rest of your life to happen. And suddenly you have somebody trying to decide what color urn you should be in or what to do with your ashes because you were way too young to even consider a will or aftercare with your remains.

I hope considering that, perhaps youd be able to humble yourself a bit more. You're so disproportionately viewing this it feels like you're talking about him as if you're the one who murdered him!! Have you no heart?

This isn't about you, it doesn't matter if you do or dont (and you already said you punched people before so LOL clearly you don't). I think maybe that's the problem with your comments... you're trying to revolve this around you.... but honey, it's not about you. It's about the victim and his loved ones, about the people who fear for their safety. The deceased and the vulnerable. Show some respect.

good bye and be well.