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EDEADLINK t1_j933fsm wrote

Started with my endgame. Unless they invent silent buckling spring torsional actuators I'm set.


sun_cardinal t1_j936ov3 wrote

They make magnetic levitation linear switches. You gotta know a person with a 3d printer but you can choose what strength magnets you want to increase or decrease the resistance.


DevCakes t1_j9451m1 wrote

You have my attention, do you have a link or discuss product name?


sun_cardinal t1_j94973u wrote

Hey there, I first saw them mentioned on hackaday, but this is the link to the github with all the info.


spirit_noodle t1_j94qtn5 wrote

I have a 3D printer. I might just give this a go.

I love Reddit, all the things I need to do that I didn't know I needed.


sun_cardinal t1_j94s4s5 wrote

I know the feeling, I'm gonna be pumping some out myself here soon, the 3d printing sub twisted my arm into grabbing a Bamboo Labs P1P.


LazaroFilm t1_j95o6xs wrote

Oh wow. You go straight to endgame don’t you! I started with a $100 MP select Mini.


sun_cardinal t1_j967ywu wrote

My momma always said, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right."

In all honesty I've been looking for a while because I'm cripplingly indecisive, there were too many reasons for the P1P in the end and I bit the bullet.


kevlar_keeb t1_j95cziq wrote

Makes me think of an idea for elextro magnetic switches. The idea is that they give you a tactile bump by running brief current through a coil, fed from the led pins. The strength duration and character of the bump would be selectable. The f and j keys could subtly vibrate when you push gently on them. Instead of homing bumps.


Art10001 t1_j98av9s wrote

>The f and j keys could subtly vibrate when you push gently on them. Instead of homing bumps.

Sounds more annoying.


PineAndApplePizza t1_j95algw wrote

The void switches are cooler tho

Chyrosran22 did a teardown of them


LazaroFilm t1_j95os77 wrote

Why? I actually like that design better, the Hall effect sensor inside means it’s actually a pressure sensitive analogue switch (like the triggers on game controllers) where you can give get a while range of values instead of a Boolean open/close.


PineAndApplePizza t1_j95w95y wrote

Voids are hall effect too, but offer a tactile variant. The MX style one does not


sun_cardinal t1_j969aa4 wrote

I bet, but I would also wager that there was substantial refinement done to take it from the original concept on the GitHub to a viable market product.


Rebbithole t1_j9483h8 wrote

I think they are talking about the void switch by riskable


sun_cardinal t1_j949b4n wrote

They got their inspiration for them from the github and the hackaday article, I bet.


pressedbread t1_j988nja wrote

Get magnet implants in your fingertips and you are now part of the keyboard.


sun_cardinal t1_j98heoj wrote

Won't register input from anyone but you, that's a neat idea.


orAaronRedd t1_j940yc3 wrote

The number of people who settle for less than BS blows my mind. I’d prefer a full layout, but my inability to settle for less than a Model F leaves me with Joes F77. Now he’s got the beamsprings and the comic comes full circle…


dsac t1_j95yzrp wrote

>The number of people who settle for less than BS blows my mind.

those sound like the words of someone who hasn't made a topre their daily driver

buckling spring is very, very good, but topre is GOAT


orAaronRedd t1_j96cgzt wrote

You are unfortunately correct. Until then, I'm so pleased with this, going back to any of my Ms is surprisingly uncomfortable.

Within topre, do you have a weight you prefer?

Edit: disregard. just saw your user flair. :)


elutfall t1_j96453n wrote

The only true endgame is the keyboard on your desk when you die.


jb32647 t1_j94jc2i wrote

Yeah I used to collect KBs until I got my model M. I haven't bought another keyboard since.


scoff-law t1_j94lpx4 wrote

What worked for me is that I got a RAMA U80. I haven't replaced it because it's too heavy to move.


Pocketfullofbugs t1_j968714 wrote

The first Model F I bought had been silent modded. I can not believe that there is anyone who likes this. The idea of neutering the GOAT hurts my bones.


EDEADLINK t1_j974vpr wrote

I love the sound don't get me wrong.

It's other people that wish my keys were quieter.


ramphas5 t1_j93cpio wrote

I actually found a working typewriter the other day at goodwill for $7


_plays_in_traffic_ t1_j93nt4r wrote

but did you buy it?


ramphas5 t1_j93oayb wrote

I did. I’m going to use it for my label. Layouts, letters, posters, etc.


sun_cardinal t1_j94bnpw wrote

Have you considered converting it into a keyboard, it is not a hard process, and the sound is sublime.


Art10001 t1_j98azni wrote

Are typewriters still made? If not, then it would be an effective destruction of an increasingly rare artifact.


sun_cardinal t1_j98hy3a wrote

The kit to convert it is non destructive. I wouldn't have hurt mine, it's mint and they go for 300+ pretty easy.

The kit is a little card looking pcb that you put on the inside near the letter plate or whatever it's called, the base is also totally open so no taking anything apart.

The biggest thing they tell you to do is unhook a spring so the carriage does not move when you type.


Art10001 t1_j98jd2s wrote

How does the spring hook look like? I am curious.


sun_cardinal t1_j98lex2 wrote

That varies between models and the site makes a good effort to outline the least possibly damaging way to do the mod for each model. For me, the spring is just sitting on a hook without a fastener, there is a mechanism that when the key is pressed the spring pulls the drum over by a tiny amount, the spring is under tension when the carriage is slid all the way to the new line mark and it reduces every time a key is pressed. In my original comment I posted the site with the instructions. I will say that there are some models that require bending a strip inside but mine did not require that step.

Edit: I had not looked at them in a while and some of the modded typewriters go for three to four times as much as their unmodded siblings. My Royal is 1200$ on some pages I'm seeing.


sun_cardinal t1_j936cnf wrote

My vintage typewriter conversion takes offense!

My Kailh Box Navy switches just didn't cut it anymore.

I need more...

Edit: The kit for those interested.
Edit 2: I used this specific model, a 1930s Vintage Royal Model O Standard Portable Typewriter


poodump t1_j951uyk wrote

Shit, I did it backwards. Got this Dactyle 9 a couple years ago, and only recently bought a keychron...


kevlar_keeb t1_j95ccsd wrote

It’s not backward. Nor forward. It’s expanding. Into all that is ‘writing’, all that is ‘thocky’, all that is wholesome and good


kevlar_keeb t1_j93eoqr wrote

This is my exact journey. This is amazing. I.. May be one step beyond. I have just finished modding an Olivetti Lettera 22 into Dvorak layout


sun_cardinal t1_j94ar03 wrote

> Olivetti Lettera 22

I like it, I found my Vintage Royal Model O Standard Portable at goodwill for 23$ and it was love at first sight.


TheFrenchSavage t1_j94c64e wrote

This is perfect. The bread crumbs go through the keys. 10/10 ancient wisdom there.


kevlar_keeb t1_j95brib wrote

“And an off balance load makes it feel like the keys are typing on my fingers, pure magic” /s


JuvenileDelinquent t1_j940hmq wrote

Just wait until you start hand writing


Drauka92 t1_j98nsl1 wrote

You mean calligraphy with the super expensive draw up ink pens. Fine tip, medium tip, etc. The list goes on


AustinSA907 t1_j93qixy wrote

Model M owners be like porque no las dos?


water-gospel t1_j93vefs wrote

I truly believe that my IBM Selectric II has the best feeling keyboard I’ve ever used. Everything about it just feels amazing.

It’s loud as hell and weights 50 lbs, but the keyboard feel is great!


jmwy86 t1_j9799zz wrote

Learned to type on those in the mid-1990s. Our high school had not upgraded the equipment for the typing class. Loved the feel of those keys.


Ketarel t1_j93u2u6 wrote

Blasphemy! Typewriter layout is a curse and a disease! Split columnar stagger is the way forward out from this crippling wretchedness! Be ye not deceived by these aesthetically pleasing devils!! Hearken unto me, lest yon carpals become tunneled, yon shoulders become knotted, and yon backs crumble to dust!


Sneaky-iwni- t1_j93s7vh wrote

Oh no, I'm on frame 3


ramenandsuch OP t1_j93sca6 wrote

I ordered some Ergodone boards off Aliexpress this week


sun_cardinal t1_j94ayjx wrote

There are some really nice vintage typewriters that are easily convertible on ebay. There is no THOCK like typewriter thock.


Sneaky-iwni- t1_j958qa6 wrote

I did enjoy typewriters for a while but grew out of it once I had to go around and made the thing impractical


sun_cardinal t1_j96a6hc wrote

I suffer through my laptops mushy keys when I "have" to.


mendesdaponte t1_j93rpt8 wrote

I just got my k4 this week. I guess I'm still on step 1...


ProtoE04 t1_j93u2x6 wrote

Then stenograph


Yoosulis t1_j94v2ma wrote

Typewriters yessss Try an IBM with buckling springs if you’re there!


FancyMustardJar t1_j93z0ou wrote

What the original comics?


leicanthrope t1_j9499se wrote

I did this in reverse. First the 30s-40s typewriters, then mechanical keyboards.


hansoo417 t1_j93eint wrote

Me too! And now I've got about a dozen typewriters lol


ItsPlainOleSteve t1_j93gh9e wrote

I wanted a typewriter before I wanted a mech keeb. xDD


Blur_410 t1_j93m1fk wrote

If I could find one for a reasonable price I would consider an old wheel writer or something in that classic refrigerator mint green.


SurealGod t1_j93n91l wrote

The crown jewel of my typewriter collection is a really nice old timey LC Smith & Corona typewriter. It's one of those big bastards that weigh 40lbs and was most likely once used in an office. Got it for $20 at a thrift store.


ImHereForLifeAdvice t1_j94ci4t wrote

I started with a 40%, stuck with that, built a split (Cantor), and now have an Olympia sm4...


cromagnongod t1_j94l38u wrote

3 months ago I had a razer gaming keyboard and wouldn't give up the numpad for anything.

Then came the Keychron Q3 which I heavily modded (gave up on numpad), then Bakeneko60 and finally a Vertex Arc60, bunch of GMK keycaps and what not. It really is a money pit.


SpinyTzar t1_j94pmhm wrote

It's ambitious of you to think I can grow a beard.


blindgorgon t1_j94y1cg wrote

As a letterpress printer I can say I’m pretty glad I skipped all the steps to get here.


asdfopu t1_j95106v wrote

The moment you break the stagger and go full ortho is the moment you lose the typewriter baggage all keyboards carry


Matasa89 t1_j93nwje wrote

I love my parent's old typewriter! I think that's where my interest in mechanical keyboards came from.


frameEsc t1_j93qorq wrote

I feel personally attacked (I even grew the beard)


pabloescobyte t1_j93vsnk wrote

And thus the keyboard circlejerk is complete!


BrunoEye t1_j93zdbu wrote

What if I bought a resin 3D printer to make my own switches?


smarmymcsmugass t1_j9527bc wrote

I started by building my own. And then went backwards. Worth it.


with-nolock t1_j95l08c wrote

It started with an IBM Model M found in a dusty bin at a PC hardware recycler.

Every board, switch, film, lube, stab, pcb, plate, and case has just been a failed attempt to chase that high, and my winkeyless Model M just condescendingly leers back, knowing it will never be replaced unless I spring for a Model F someday.


tjkun t1_j95urpf wrote

I used to make my homework with a typewriter in elementary school. The nostalgia made me buy a keyboard with clicky switches.


Writurr t1_j95yh0w wrote

So, when are you gonna get a printing press?


LightChargerGreen t1_j963xab wrote

As someone who had to use typewriters for work, I don't understand why people would want to use them again. It's like they're masochists or something.


SelfJuicing t1_j9657lw wrote

I started from cheapo no name keyboard with blue switches. Now I'm at the stage of getting keyboard from raffles. I've joined 4 raffles, and still no luck.


Tucamidins t1_j968p16 wrote

Just don't go ergo, there is no way back


lattestcarrot159 t1_j968tlq wrote

Wait? I dove straight between 3 and 4 and designed my own... Where my next step? Do I have to back track or... I'm lost :(


EveryShot t1_j96fmuc wrote

I think I’ve done pretty well at resisting my Keychron k2 is pretty stock with the exception of custom caps


Obi_Maximus_Windu t1_j96s6w6 wrote

Lol I'm building up a $35 Amazon board to the quality of my keychron. I am the rabbit hole.


Obi_Maximus_Windu t1_j96se2r wrote

Lol I'm building up a $35 Amazon board to the quality of my keychron. I am the rabbit hole.


maxmalkav t1_j971van wrote

I see myself in that image and I don’t like it.


eliopoulos97 t1_j9746i8 wrote

This is true, for me it went Mechanical > Model M > Typewriter


panicmiami t1_j98vkhg wrote

i'm definitely on step 2

did a holee mod but had to do some shoddy soldering (60% non-hotswap) and killed the backspace, pipe/backslash and enter keys

i'm super satisfied with the stabs now except they don't work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


panicmiami t1_j9f9vjo wrote


I fixed it the following night. Soldered a few wire bridges because I discarded/melted some of the copper contacts. I reassembled it and saw a stabilizer as I was clearing stuff away. LMAO I had to desolder a shift key.


daibido1123 t1_j95ny11 wrote

I'm kind of the reverse of this, I started with an IBM Selectric II, then refurbished a Model M 122 Tetminal Keyboard, and now I am trying to build a 100% Keyboard with macros to mimic the matter aspects of the Model M 122, and switches that feel as close to the Buckrling Springs, with SA keycaps to mimic the Selectric. Matias Quiet Clicks FYI feel the closest, but finding a board that fits the Alps-like switches is unobtanium.