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EDEADLINK t1_j933fsm wrote

Started with my endgame. Unless they invent silent buckling spring torsional actuators I'm set.


sun_cardinal t1_j936ov3 wrote

They make magnetic levitation linear switches. You gotta know a person with a 3d printer but you can choose what strength magnets you want to increase or decrease the resistance.


DevCakes t1_j9451m1 wrote

You have my attention, do you have a link or discuss product name?


sun_cardinal t1_j94973u wrote

Hey there, I first saw them mentioned on hackaday, but this is the link to the github with all the info.


spirit_noodle t1_j94qtn5 wrote

I have a 3D printer. I might just give this a go.

I love Reddit, all the things I need to do that I didn't know I needed.


sun_cardinal t1_j94s4s5 wrote

I know the feeling, I'm gonna be pumping some out myself here soon, the 3d printing sub twisted my arm into grabbing a Bamboo Labs P1P.


LazaroFilm t1_j95o6xs wrote

Oh wow. You go straight to endgame don’t you! I started with a $100 MP select Mini.


sun_cardinal t1_j967ywu wrote

My momma always said, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right."

In all honesty I've been looking for a while because I'm cripplingly indecisive, there were too many reasons for the P1P in the end and I bit the bullet.


kevlar_keeb t1_j95cziq wrote

Makes me think of an idea for elextro magnetic switches. The idea is that they give you a tactile bump by running brief current through a coil, fed from the led pins. The strength duration and character of the bump would be selectable. The f and j keys could subtly vibrate when you push gently on them. Instead of homing bumps.


Art10001 t1_j98av9s wrote

>The f and j keys could subtly vibrate when you push gently on them. Instead of homing bumps.

Sounds more annoying.


PineAndApplePizza t1_j95algw wrote

The void switches are cooler tho

Chyrosran22 did a teardown of them


LazaroFilm t1_j95os77 wrote

Why? I actually like that design better, the Hall effect sensor inside means it’s actually a pressure sensitive analogue switch (like the triggers on game controllers) where you can give get a while range of values instead of a Boolean open/close.


PineAndApplePizza t1_j95w95y wrote

Voids are hall effect too, but offer a tactile variant. The MX style one does not


sun_cardinal t1_j969aa4 wrote

I bet, but I would also wager that there was substantial refinement done to take it from the original concept on the GitHub to a viable market product.


Rebbithole t1_j9483h8 wrote

I think they are talking about the void switch by riskable


sun_cardinal t1_j949b4n wrote

They got their inspiration for them from the github and the hackaday article, I bet.


pressedbread t1_j988nja wrote

Get magnet implants in your fingertips and you are now part of the keyboard.


sun_cardinal t1_j98heoj wrote

Won't register input from anyone but you, that's a neat idea.


orAaronRedd t1_j940yc3 wrote

The number of people who settle for less than BS blows my mind. I’d prefer a full layout, but my inability to settle for less than a Model F leaves me with Joes F77. Now he’s got the beamsprings and the comic comes full circle…


dsac t1_j95yzrp wrote

>The number of people who settle for less than BS blows my mind.

those sound like the words of someone who hasn't made a topre their daily driver

buckling spring is very, very good, but topre is GOAT


orAaronRedd t1_j96cgzt wrote

You are unfortunately correct. Until then, I'm so pleased with this, going back to any of my Ms is surprisingly uncomfortable.

Within topre, do you have a weight you prefer?

Edit: disregard. just saw your user flair. :)


elutfall t1_j96453n wrote

The only true endgame is the keyboard on your desk when you die.


jb32647 t1_j94jc2i wrote

Yeah I used to collect KBs until I got my model M. I haven't bought another keyboard since.


scoff-law t1_j94lpx4 wrote

What worked for me is that I got a RAMA U80. I haven't replaced it because it's too heavy to move.


Pocketfullofbugs t1_j968714 wrote

The first Model F I bought had been silent modded. I can not believe that there is anyone who likes this. The idea of neutering the GOAT hurts my bones.


EDEADLINK t1_j974vpr wrote

I love the sound don't get me wrong.

It's other people that wish my keys were quieter.