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HadouKang t1_j97s5l4 wrote

Now I'm finding excuses to buy new boards because it supports ZMK + Bluetooth 😔


TrashWangOakland t1_j9bwme4 wrote

Please enlighten me, great one. Show me what you’ve found.


HadouKang t1_j9cdo4z wrote

Pretty much any keyboard that's compatible with the nice!nano microcontroller (most boards with a pro micro/elite C footprint). Unfortunately, not sure of many conventional premium boards that let you just socket in your own microcontroller, but there's a ton in the ergo space.

Integrating the battery is easy since you just get taller standoffs for the nice!nano and place the battery underneath. Then, there's the nice!view which is an e-ink screen (great for showing battery level).

As for firmware, ZMK is built with wireless first in mind. It plays very nicely with the nice!nano. Here's a list of supported hardware:

Here's a low profile Corne that I built recently: It's fully wireless with both halves even communicating over BLE!


ilovezezima t1_j98kimu wrote

I've tried keyboards that almost feel like topre but never almost sound like topre.


SpaceCadet2000 t1_j98xnsp wrote

I mean, you could just buy a topre


ilovezezima t1_j98xyms wrote

Oh, of course. I have a hhkb that I use quite often. I was just wondering what sounded like topre though because I hadn't come across anything so far.