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Cobertt t1_j92m67o wrote

Pretty bad take but I’ll bite. Reds aren’t mushy unless you are talking about silent reds, but they are still a cleaner keystroke than membrane.


AkDoxx t1_j92pbb9 wrote

You’ve either never tried a good linear switch, never tried a linear switch period, or never tried a mechanical keyboard. Troll somewhere else.


[deleted] t1_j92s6bt wrote



ACETodd t1_j92t6ni wrote

okay def trolling


derpman4k t1_j93f9yr wrote

>been on reddit for 2 months

>-4 karma

>history of shit posts

Yeah checks out


elmurfudd t1_j92pq61 wrote

fishing for downvotes ? weird kink but ok


SpiderPanther01 t1_j92msz0 wrote

Red's aren't mushy, you might be thinking of silent reds.


YodelingLlamas t1_j92mvbt wrote

Membranes have a tactile bump as the membrane dome collapses. Wild take that a linear action is indistinguishable from that


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ThatOneKid50 t1_j939ilg wrote

“membranes” are rubber domes with a mushy tactile feeling…linears are linear (NO bump and are not mushy? idk if u got the right switch homie u might be talking abt silent reds?


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waamdisaiaya t1_j92pz0y wrote

Linears are: linears. Xd Membrane are very hard at first and then they go down on their own without force. I don't know if I explain myself.


sunfaller t1_j9394i0 wrote

Interesting take from someone new to the hobby. I've been in your place thinking the 3 main types of switches are red, brown, blue.