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After lubing the stems, bag lubing the springs, and throwing them in my new GAS67 these switches tick like garbage stabs. Have you ever had a switch tick like a stabalizer? Neither have I, until now. I've never been more disappointed in a batch of switches in my entire life to be honest. And no it's not the keycaps or the board.



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ConcreteSnake t1_j8ydv6x wrote

I had some Boba LTs about a year ago and they did not have any ticking or additional noise. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with them.


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8yzgpk wrote

As far as Im seeing it's because I've lubed them. Which is absolutely ridiculous considering the price point of the switch. Pay a premium for switches that become garbage when you lube them, epic product.


ConcreteSnake t1_j8zd9y6 wrote

Yeah mine were lubed and filmed, no issues. Perhaps it’s the newer batch? Where/when does it tick? Just pressing it down or when it tops out? I know JWK has had some leaf ticking issues, but never heard of it with Boba LT


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8zv6xt wrote

It's most noticable when you tap the keycap on the side facing the LED hole. When pressing anywhere but there it's fine but obviously when you type you end up hitting that spot and it makes the board sound like garbage. It's virtually the exact same sound as when stabs tick, and replicating it requires the exact same amount of pressure. A very light tap makes it extremely noticable.


Svindel69 t1_j8yqtpu wrote

Switch ticking is the least talked about problem in keyboards, however it is one of the worst ones to have imo.

I find all uhmwpe blends to have it, but even some switches that are nylon/pc does it. Pretty sure it comes down to the tolerance


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8yyqjk wrote

According to what I've seen it's because of the lube. Imagine paying over half a dollar per switch and not being able to lube them. Absolutely unacceptable at this price point.


Svindel69 t1_j8z3kk5 wrote

Unacceptable at any price point tbh.

I have only tried one switch that got worse after lubing, TTC wild.

Haven't tried boba LT, but definitely not gonna now.


StevenssND t1_j8yzyyp wrote

How do you lube them?.


Svindel69 t1_j8z3nb1 wrote

No matter how you lube a switch, it shouldn't create a problem.


StevenssND t1_j8zq3bs wrote

Well ... maybe you should take a look at this + this


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8zvctz wrote

Wow thanks for the lube tutorials I suppose, but I've been in this hobby for years and lubed 10+ sets of switches. I think I know how to lube switches man lmao.


Svindel69 t1_j8zy6ew wrote

It can't really go wrong. Only overlubing, but that's a completely different problem than what is being called out here...


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8zzz00 wrote

I'd love to mess around and see what I can figure out when I get home, I only had around an hour to mess around with these before work and I get off in half an hour. Besides that though I just put in a two day order for some gateron cream sodas in case these don't satisfy me. Not looking forward to lubing an entire additional batch of switches again but oh well I suppose.


MayAsWellStopLurking t1_j90gwg9 wrote

Do you have a video or sound test showing the problem? If it’s a notable enough engineering issue gazzew himself is likely to look into the problem.


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AkDoxx t1_j91rq4c wrote

I had the same problem with my batch much earlier in 2022 and got rid of them for the same reason. To be fair I had the issue with some of the unlubed switches too so not sure what’s going on. The lubing may have made it more prominent but I can’t be sure and really Boba switches are so finnicky I don’t even bother opening them anymore.


showxdoat369 OP t1_j928o5t wrote

Yeah I'm not going to bother buying them anymore lmfao. If opening/lubing them causes issues they're not for me whatsoever. I've lubed every single set of switches I've ever bought or used to build for someone else and never had a single issue.


AkDoxx t1_j929r18 wrote

I know Gazzew is phasing out the boba plastic blend and using a new proprietary blend, so I’m not sure if that might help the issue in the future but I agree with you.


TBrownie18 t1_j8yl9mw wrote

Did you make sure to lube them “the gazzew way”? If you don’t, it damages the leaf which can lead to reduced tactility or ticking.


TBrownie18 t1_j8ylgun wrote

The gazzew way is when you press the stem all the way down before closing the top housing


momowithgun t1_j8ynpyh wrote

I did the Gazzew way once and it literally broke the leaf. So I’m never doing that again lol


TBrownie18 t1_j8yp54e wrote

Weird. I’ve lubed hundreds of boba u4ts with that method and never had issues. I wonder if you just received a crappy batch. Any chance you still have 1 or 2 untouched and unlubed that tick? You might be able to convince the vendor you ordered from for a refund or replacement


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8yz19b wrote

I'm seeing people say it's because I lubed them. I don't have any stock ones left because I'm using a 67% keyboard and I just lubed all 70. I was under the assumption that paying 65 cent a switch would give you a high quality switch that would be very nice lubed. Apparently you get a switch that has a very obnoxious noise when you lube them. I'm probably going to just bin these switches and never buy them again tbh. Currently looking at the cream sodas from gateron as I've literally never had a single issue with gateron switches.


Svindel69 t1_j8z9cp8 wrote

They are good. They are very muted however.

I can recommend green and red jackets from knc/tecsee.


showxdoat369 OP t1_j8yzb9l wrote

I just bought the switches after hearing a sound test and lubed them like normal switches. I never knew there was a "gazzew way". If I knew there was a ridiculous method or extra steps required to "properly" lube the switches I wouldn't have bought them.


leftnut027 t1_j91pimp wrote

This is why it is important to do your research.

Clearly not, lmfao


showxdoat369 OP t1_j926m8i wrote

Oh yeah, sorry. That's completely my bad bro I shouldn't have expected to be able to buy switches for a premium price and not be able to lube them 100% my fault man. Yeah cut the clown shit bro. Switches are supposed to be lubed, if lubing causes issues the switch is garbage in my opinion.


MrDexterReddit t1_j90rqju wrote

I had this same issue with some Durock POMs i had. Absolutely awful.