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croholdr OP t1_j9nx36v wrote

I broke down and put it together. You can’t see the damage unless you angle it. I just wasn’t prepared for it to be so poorly packaged as my other recent orders weren’t packaged this way. Most of the keycaps are scuffed. They threw it in a bag and into the box. It was wedged inside the case.

My point is I want to keep buying more high quality kits and this means I won’t be doing that with drop if they pack it like this.

Any suggestions for other retailers that have decent support and know how to ship their own products? And

I’ve tried mechanical but am finished with them and their horrific web shop.

Amazon is ‘ok’ mostly but often the stuff they sell is also from drop and mechanical and I get dinged for high shipping costs (7-25$ and up)


AkDoxx t1_j9oqvqo wrote

Pro tip: you shouldn’t be buying from drop and they don’t sell high quality kits anyway.


croholdr OP t1_j9p3cyl wrote

I’ve learned. But thanks for your advice.


kool-keys t1_j9o8chr wrote

There are loads of vendors for keyboard stuff though. Have a look through this list. There's Novelkeys and CannonKeys that immediately spring to mind.


yin66 t1_j9p63fj wrote

yep, in addition to good stores like novelkeys and cannonkeys, divinikey sells KBDfans products, who have very good kits within the 150-250 price range.