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MyNam31sNobody t1_ja4xb2d wrote

Check the edit, I think people are quick to comment without actually getting what the issue is


AkDoxx t1_ja504dr wrote

You asked them to make a cable that their configuration clearly states they don’t do. Hence the minimum length. This comes off as trying to call out cablemod for not doing something they don’t do anyway.


MyNam31sNobody t1_ja5153r wrote

Again, I think my annoyance/expectations are being blown out of proportion. I emailed them to request something pretty reasonable, and certainly within the realm of their offerings/capabilities, and was left feeling ignored/dismissed by customer service. If they'd responded in the first email saying they can't make that, I'd have just moved on. Wouldn't you feel like you had a poor experience if it took three times asking a question to get an answer?