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HadouKang t1_jdn9na0 wrote

Reply to comment by NOCHNOY_ in Keeb size popularity here by The_Akkik

What correlation is there between being "successful" and layout size? I'd guess that most jobs only need the bare minimum keyboard that works. Everything past that is mostly preference.


NOCHNOY_ t1_jdq0z7u wrote

the word 'efficiency' was mentioned. successful people focus heavily on efficiency and streamlining. i don't see how that tiny, tiny change in desk space and "improved ergonomics" somehow makes you a better worker in the grand scheme of things. because if it did, corporations and companies would be the first to implement that system into their workspace. it doesn't happen. but if it makes you feel that it does, then good on you.

i've been in this hobby for a while, and people seem to have such a hard time admitting that a lot of this hobby revolves around pretentiousness and aesthetics. nothing wrong with it, but they try to push this narrative that it's somehow "better" and then go on to buy a numpad keyboard on the side. if your workflow doesn't rely on using numpads, then good for you.