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Ispheria t1_jdteqct wrote

That's the Kinesis Advantage 360. Unfortunately it's not hot swap and you're stuck with brown switches


ergodox_override t1_jdteua1 wrote

I would still take one without thinking about it for a second if I could get it for less than $200


Ispheria t1_jdtf6kj wrote

It is more than twice that price new lol didn't stop me from buying one though.


ergodox_override t1_jdtfdco wrote

I will, one day. My doctor’s office exclusively uses them. It makes me happy every time I go in for an appointment.


dman87 t1_jdvod5s wrote

You can choose the switches you get on it. I was just looking at the order site. You order it to be built through They have a lot of options you can pick from. Though, you are right that you are stuck with what you choose unless you want to de-solder the switches to put in hot-swap sockets or solder in new switches.


sleepybrett t1_jdwmah2 wrote

You can buy from upgrade keyboards and get whatever switches you want, still won't be hotswap but you will have options.