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Funny-Temperature897 OP t1_it0cn3o wrote

I’ll tell her you said so.


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Funny-Temperature897 OP t1_it0d9ww wrote

Nah, but I’ll motor boat them for ya.


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FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it0p9wq wrote

I suspect you have never felt the touch of a woman.

But talking like you do is almost the same...right?


croto8 t1_it128rp wrote

Damn dude, white knighting someone else’s wife? She let you hit too?


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it26ysk wrote

White Knighting?

No, I honestly believe you have never felt the touch of a woman. Your response here tells me I am right.

You really haven't felt the touch of a woman. And at this rate, I suspect that will not change.

Time to realize you are the problem, not everyone else.


croto8 t1_it33ygl wrote

The irony of your name


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it3wel3 wrote

No irony, no feelings...

You are all alone, and will continue to be so.

It's more obvious with every post you make. I would pity you, but let's face're the problem.