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nick2527 t1_it2jb9y wrote

Your daughter is wrong. It’s more fresh than dope for me, but I love that styling! The AirPods Max seems out of place, but hey, good for you on owning those. I’d never get a pair of them in my lifetime as I already have better headphones.


Rheytos t1_it2r72j wrote

What is possible better in your opinions? But hey taste is subjective


nick2527 t1_it2s55t wrote

I’ve listened to the AirPods Max. I did enjoy them, but I couldn’t get over the fact that it is Bluetooth only. Plus, a few song samples felt a bit off to me. I have sennheiser hd660s being pushed via a balanced cable through a Fiio amp. I would like to get a few more, but it’s a very expensive thing to own one good pair alone. I’ve found the bass more mellow on it, and there’s some sounds on my headset that the AirPods could never match. This is my opinion though. I wouldn’t have it if I didn’t try out the AirPods, but since I have, I have found mine to be better for me.


Rheytos t1_it2sjsk wrote

Well that is fair. Although it’s not Bluetooth only. I use my pair with a special cable. I do have to say that it is ridiculous that you need a specific digital-analog cable if you want it to work which of course costs 40 bucks. Apple…. But I’ve tried a lot of different headsets including the XM5s although in the end o felt like the Apple soo used better to me


nick2527 t1_it355gj wrote

Ya, apple… they really are harsh with that stuff. By XM5’s, you mean the Sony ANC headphones right? I have a pair of XM3 or 4’s can’t remember (I use them for flights and such). I love them, but lots of bass. Once I swapped to the 660s the open back feeling has grown on me and now closed backs feel off. I do have a set of regular AirPods for short travel and purely convenience. Can’t bring my open backs everywhere I go, those just stay at the desk.