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Rheytos t1_it2sjsk wrote

Well that is fair. Although it’s not Bluetooth only. I use my pair with a special cable. I do have to say that it is ridiculous that you need a specific digital-analog cable if you want it to work which of course costs 40 bucks. Apple…. But I’ve tried a lot of different headsets including the XM5s although in the end o felt like the Apple soo used better to me


nick2527 t1_it355gj wrote

Ya, apple… they really are harsh with that stuff. By XM5’s, you mean the Sony ANC headphones right? I have a pair of XM3 or 4’s can’t remember (I use them for flights and such). I love them, but lots of bass. Once I swapped to the 660s the open back feeling has grown on me and now closed backs feel off. I do have a set of regular AirPods for short travel and purely convenience. Can’t bring my open backs everywhere I go, those just stay at the desk.