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Ruffles808 t1_iszxidp wrote

‘76? The word you’re looking for is groovy


MacMcGeePlays t1_it1bckn wrote


JeffTheShark6969 t1_it3n0yi wrote

Still the best fucking movie/series imo


MonsieurRuffles t1_it072ac wrote

Groovy’s more of a late 60’s/early 70’s thing.


TempyKurono69 t1_it49o6l wrote

Bruh we’re all like young we don’t know that for all we know the supply teacher that tought you could’ve been teaching since 5609 BCE


The-Foo t1_it5ostc wrote

I’d say it’s solid, man. And that ain’t no jive.


big-fat-baby t1_iszmgap wrote

like totally tubular, man 🤙


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it0ozpk wrote

That would be a 1980's term.


majlo t1_it1x7fr wrote

I'm sorry you feel that way.


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it27ncy wrote

That makes little sense.

I do not "feel this way" about it. I was a teenager in the 1980's in Southern Cali.

This is totally a term from the 80's.


HagarTheHun t1_it28vbx wrote

Chill, they were making a quip about your username, “feelings”


majlo t1_it297pm wrote

My joke based on your name fell flat. Zero dopeness, sorry about that, hehe.


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it2hp8o wrote

Didn't fall was just flat to begin with.


majlo t1_it3h7jo wrote

Let's give this another try...

I'm sorry you feel that way.



magicmulder t1_iszss5s wrote

As someone who was alive in 1976 I approve of this.


AVeryLONGPotato t1_it1skwo wrote

That's the year my dad was born, your welcome

Edit: and I'm an adult with a full time job


magicmulder t1_it2rmvz wrote

If your plan was to make me feel old, better men have tried harder and failed. ;) Cheers mate!


HerrEurobeat t1_it2ama7 wrote

As someone who was not alive in 1976 I also approve of this.


[deleted] t1_it0cjbr wrote



Funny-Temperature897 OP t1_it0cn3o wrote

I’ll tell her you said so.


[deleted] t1_it0d1nk wrote



Funny-Temperature897 OP t1_it0d9ww wrote

Nah, but I’ll motor boat them for ya.


[deleted] t1_it0hdvy wrote



FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it0p9wq wrote

I suspect you have never felt the touch of a woman.

But talking like you do is almost the same...right?


croto8 t1_it128rp wrote

Damn dude, white knighting someone else’s wife? She let you hit too?


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it26ysk wrote

White Knighting?

No, I honestly believe you have never felt the touch of a woman. Your response here tells me I am right.

You really haven't felt the touch of a woman. And at this rate, I suspect that will not change.

Time to realize you are the problem, not everyone else.


croto8 t1_it33ygl wrote

The irony of your name


FeelingsAreNotFact t1_it3wel3 wrote

No irony, no feelings...

You are all alone, and will continue to be so.

It's more obvious with every post you make. I would pity you, but let's face're the problem.


Ssyynnxx t1_it0ya0n wrote

this just is not my taste but it gives old volvo vibes, well executed


AtlasCarry87 t1_it1gzyu wrote

Groovy but you need better headphones :)


BeFunkMusic t1_it1lfhy wrote

Soldering together my own keyboard, but I like my headphones unrepairable and proprietary.


Willing_Breadfruit t1_it2d32y wrote

And so heavy that I can’t wear them for more than half a day without hurting bc they sacrificed usability for “build quality” (oh wait, this actually fits w keebs)


Rheytos t1_it2qp27 wrote

Have you ever used AirPod max? The best headphones on the market together with sony XM5


AtlasCarry87 t1_it3922d wrote

I actually have, thank you for asking!

They are far far away from being the best.

What they have is one of the best ANC systems in place and that they are wireless, otherwise they are overpriced and there are much better alternatives in the market.


lollery123 t1_it2gurw wrote

They are actually damn good headphones even for audiophiles at their listed price. Not everything apple makes is overpriced trash


AtlasCarry87 t1_it39hhz wrote

Lets agree to disagree here? I had them for three months (though i had a first batch as a test listener for another audio company) and they really didnt move me in any way.

Being an audiophile, i cannot recommend them at all but as it is always with sound, its very subjective to each and every person and highly dependent on the environment and music/videos/podcasts whatever you are into one listens to.

I will admit that their ANC is incredible.


live2dye t1_it0nvfg wrote

What's with '76?


TrustFulParanoid t1_it2tzj5 wrote

As someone else mentioned, the set is called 1976, to expand on this, it was called like that because it was inspired by a 1976 olympics poster or something like that if I recall correctly, it had the same font as the 1976 on the deskmat and the same colors as the set. IMHO one of the most beautiful SA sets, too bad is not in stock anywhere...


FirebirdWriter t1_it1iopr wrote

Neither. Having to ask ias as bad as saying you are cool and well... Parents aren't allowed to be cool. It's the law of Kid.


hypotensivescum t1_it27cmv wrote

As a 16 teen, he's both tbh, i love the 1970's-1980's style and colors, really sad to see so few of that today but when it happens it's cool


sushiyogurt t1_it1224j wrote

The white is a bit clashing imho, otherwise that's radical


DookieToe t1_it189ls wrote

Did they re-release this keyset???


maxigus_mcfly t1_it1cd1h wrote

It seems like they do super limited runs of it, I put myself on the stock notification list for a numpad kit I did a while back and it took about 8 months. Very worth the wait, in my opinion.


QWERKey-UK t1_it1csxp wrote

You're daughter is wrong. However, this is definitely funky, bordering on far out.


Svindel69 t1_it1jm67 wrote

Have to ask, you only bought the headphones ironically right?


WREKUHNOIZE t1_it1pqt6 wrote

Gotta side with your daughter. Just not my flavor


atomicwrites t1_it21nct wrote

Love the keyboard and mat, feels like the headphones don't really match though.


AJ_ninja t1_it10d84 wrote

What is this setup? Also, super jelly of the AirPods i really want a pair of those so bad


Gtantha t1_it1o70c wrote

There are so many better options for less money.


AJ_ninja t1_it1rgm2 wrote

Got recommendations?


Gtantha t1_it1sg32 wrote

If you want noise cancelling, Sony WH-1000XM5 (I think) or Bose QC. If you want wireless without noise cancelling, don't. If you are okay with wires I can list more.


WFHCustoms t1_it2gipb wrote

Also, the WH-1000XM4 are discounted now that the XM5 are out, and they are phenomenal.


rhsyy t1_it111ad wrote

Both. Own it!


TheDeadWriter t1_it1553d wrote

That is a solid representation that evokes the mid 70s. Seriously awesome. The light blue/cyan makes it modern, at least for me, and all the better than choosing light beige, or some shade of avacodo. (We just moved into a place built in the early 70s with a giant avocado tub and built in counters in yellow linoleum and a bar with brown laminate counters.


borghesia44 t1_it1ij56 wrote

Agreed that is what I was thinking as well, the mint greenish isn't '76.
The popularity of that color came later.

That said, this setup is great and it must be fun to work on.


nethermead t1_it10y2v wrote

She's correct. That keyboard is groovy. There is no "dope" or "fresh", only groovy.

A nice box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers and you can really get your freak on.


Alex41092 t1_it17zm0 wrote

It’s frope, both dope and fresh at the same time 😎


lightwhite t1_it1bf1w wrote

It looks pretty funky to me dude 🕺


RainforceK t1_it1bura wrote

Love the optimistic design


mrfluffles300 t1_it1e0o8 wrote

nice board and deskmat! not a huge fan of the pro maxes but you do you.


SirSnowman88 t1_it1iwfz wrote

Where did you find that mat? Looks too good.


Ty13rlikespie t1_it1lj5y wrote

Both my friend. Kids don’t know what they’re talking about. Haha.


BruckusUK22 t1_it1n494 wrote

Where can one get that deskmat from please? Cheers


Individual-Remove116 t1_it1oafl wrote

Intersting keyboard.

I like the mousepad too but I'd prefer it to be made of leather or similar.


blakb1rd t1_it1q4qc wrote

Dig the keyboard and the mat


Dr_SnM t1_it1q8o0 wrote

Fresh, definitly fresh


pancrudo t1_it1qi05 wrote

The color scheme makes me feel like you should be using a shag rug as a desk mat


ScottyOnWheels t1_it1wvgp wrote

Love the keyboard. But you need a set of Koss Pro 4AAs to complete the look.


fatalpuls3 t1_it1y1r5 wrote

That is a fire color combo


codexcdm t1_it20tsj wrote

Mind sharing specs? What keyboard?


insomniachill t1_it21vwu wrote

For a moment I thought it was the System 76 Launch keyboard


leshuis t1_it2578p wrote

special buttons are a bit cryptic (top right) but for the right, groovy baby


PrintableProfessor t1_it27yaf wrote

My fingers love the feel of an SA profile sliding down some slick ABS plastic caps in the morning.


racegeek93 t1_it28r6e wrote

Sell your daughter then for more keyboards. Then she will appreciate your work. Lol


cosmin_c t1_it2ac05 wrote

What's cool for you is automagically uncool for the kids, it's a well known axiom :-)


Cracking build, mate, at least we appreciate it!


SlenderSmurf t1_it2atj2 wrote

Keyboard is great, headphones are horrible, the 2 together makes me feel a bit ill


Rheytos t1_it2rakn wrote

Headphones are the best in the market together with the XM5s. Did you ever use them yourself or are you just repeating what Apple haters are saying?


SlenderSmurf t1_it3vxir wrote

I refuse to try them. It doesn't matter how "good they sound" if the product as a whole is a ripoff. And I don't like closed back or wireless headphones in the first place


Rheytos t1_it3y60r wrote

So you formed an opinion without even knowing what your talking about aka the AirPods? Tell me about taking on someone else’s opinion without actually knowing anything about the subject


Yoosulis t1_it2cnvt wrote

Dope. You need to teach her better..


the_kid1234 t1_it2d3bh wrote

Love it. I need a 1984 version with Miami/Miami Nights.


JakeD51 t1_it2ex9z wrote

Reminds me of the old TRD liverys(minus the teal) this is sick


nick2527 t1_it2jb9y wrote

Your daughter is wrong. It’s more fresh than dope for me, but I love that styling! The AirPods Max seems out of place, but hey, good for you on owning those. I’d never get a pair of them in my lifetime as I already have better headphones.


Rheytos t1_it2r72j wrote

What is possible better in your opinions? But hey taste is subjective


nick2527 t1_it2s55t wrote

I’ve listened to the AirPods Max. I did enjoy them, but I couldn’t get over the fact that it is Bluetooth only. Plus, a few song samples felt a bit off to me. I have sennheiser hd660s being pushed via a balanced cable through a Fiio amp. I would like to get a few more, but it’s a very expensive thing to own one good pair alone. I’ve found the bass more mellow on it, and there’s some sounds on my headset that the AirPods could never match. This is my opinion though. I wouldn’t have it if I didn’t try out the AirPods, but since I have, I have found mine to be better for me.


Rheytos t1_it2sjsk wrote

Well that is fair. Although it’s not Bluetooth only. I use my pair with a special cable. I do have to say that it is ridiculous that you need a specific digital-analog cable if you want it to work which of course costs 40 bucks. Apple…. But I’ve tried a lot of different headsets including the XM5s although in the end o felt like the Apple soo used better to me


nick2527 t1_it355gj wrote

Ya, apple… they really are harsh with that stuff. By XM5’s, you mean the Sony ANC headphones right? I have a pair of XM3 or 4’s can’t remember (I use them for flights and such). I love them, but lots of bass. Once I swapped to the 660s the open back feeling has grown on me and now closed backs feel off. I do have a set of regular AirPods for short travel and purely convenience. Can’t bring my open backs everywhere I go, those just stay at the desk.


monkeywright t1_it2rz44 wrote

Are there outlets still selling 1976 kits?


Batty_batman t1_it2uait wrote

That mousepad is absolutely insane and it looks awsome but I’m not a big fan of the keycap set. This has some real potential tho


JapandiTech t1_it3cuvk wrote

Unfiltered opinion:

I 100% agree with your daughter. It kind of looks disgusting in that lightning and on that top tbh.


Funny-Temperature897 OP t1_it3mxgk wrote

TBH, I don’t disagree. I’m resentful of the popularity of 1976 versus a true work of art like SAIL.


youknowitwont t1_it3s7am wrote

What kind of keyboard is this? I'm looking to get into mech keybs and want a numpad


Trance2536 t1_it492qx wrote

Love the look of the SA ‘76 set. I need to get on the list to be notified when they rerelease them!


laffeybunn t1_it5fyef wrote

the keeb is perfect. the headset ruins it though.


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