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JaggyJeff t1_irs2e4g wrote

I liked how none of these entries realistically fit my use.


makenmodify t1_irs5xcn wrote

It basically fits ~5% of usecases for a keyboard 🙄


CalledByName t1_irs7sc4 wrote

I put gaming, but I equally use it for photography and school lol.


Valdair t1_irs74vs wrote

This is like having a poll that says

How do you use your fountain pen?

  • Calligraphy

  • Professional art

  • Art as a hobby

  • Journaling

Like... it is still just a pen, you use it for anything you use a pen for, none of these things are a reason to get in to keyboards specifically, just more customization and flair, more fun to use for any or all of the above.


[deleted] t1_irslb41 wrote



Valdair t1_irsm82l wrote

Same, but these days mostly Conid. Wish they would open up requests ever again so I could get a Kingsize.


[deleted] t1_irt1dk1 wrote



Valdair t1_irt2cyh wrote

I know Francis has been fairly active on FPGeeks and various other forums continually posting updates to the effect of "they are planning to re-open soon" (most recently here). From this it sounds like their parent company was acquired either shortly before or shortly after the start of the pandemic, but they still retain the rights to produce pens (at the discretion of parent company's parent company...). Notably they were due to restart production "soon"^TM but only limited models and configs with no customization. Seemed reasonable.

BUT! Actually in the course of looking this up I just came across this thread - looks like they are manufacturing pens again but possibly only this one model.


Polymath2B t1_irubwxl wrote

Yeah, I'm assuming they didn't put it on there because it'd get 90% of the votes, so kinda obvious anyway. Quality tools are a joy to use regardless of the task. Also, r/mechanicalheadpens moment.


raptoos t1_irs7z3l wrote

Office job does not fit anywhere here


OneTwothpick t1_irs40ef wrote

Writing and Research, maybe some data entry, is my use-case. I guess that's under "creative"? Creative data entry lol


Metalicc t1_irsay13 wrote

Lol, doesn’t even include basic text writing for school/university/job or working with tools like excel


Intrepid_Fault9999 t1_irsm6y1 wrote

Could at least add a “None of the above option” in such a limited poll.


modern_asshat t1_irsanv3 wrote

I mean… I marked gaming because I do that, but 95% of the time I’m using it in my office for work.


Sliced_Orange1 t1_irspk83 wrote

That's like asking what I use my PC for, to which I answer "literally everything"


luuk0987 t1_irt7xjm wrote

Main activity? Typing.


AkDoxx t1_irs8vom wrote

Where’s gratuitous typing test use? Bad poll.


Egg_Slicer t1_irtsjcv wrote

I use my keyboard for typing


QWERKey-UK t1_irv1o6n wrote

I use it for everything, like most people. It's a computer.


kingkongjaffa OP t1_irtktie wrote

A lot of comments complaining about their thing not being on the list.

It’s intentional.

You can choose to not answer.

Thanks to everyone that did answer!