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shyrix t1_ix3n29g wrote

lol anyone just open notepad and type for the hell of it only to not save it.


Midgetforsale t1_ix3nxtf wrote

Yep when I'm testing out something I changed. Just stream-of-consciousness stuff that reads like "okay this is me testing these new switches. I don't think I like the sound profile. Maybe I should switch back to those gateron yellows but I thought those felt a little squishy. I guess i'll add another set of switches to my collection that I don't really like. Oh well, maybe they will feel better in a future build. Why does the spacebar feel so spongy all of a sudden? I will try turning it upside down. Yep that feels better. So weird that that works."


shyrix t1_ix3se72 wrote

haha yep, same. its actually very stress relieving, very therapeutic to stream consciousness and type, on the spot journaling off the cuff. love it. of course when i do it, no caps, just punctuation. questionable grammar. lol good times.


zhrimb t1_ix45qbb wrote

This is exactly me too lol.

On a related note, spacebar going spongy is frequently the stab stems slipping out, if you press both corners to slip them back in it usually comes back to life


nhuynh50 t1_ix3nt6d wrote

that was before I discovered monkeytype and keybr