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HadouKang t1_ix3wgmn wrote

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In Elementary school (mid-2000s), we had a computer literacy class where most of it was just using the Mavis Beacon typing program. God I hated it so much, but looking back, it was super effective in teaching me to type properly with the home row and whatnot.

They didn't explicitly cover our hands like the other commenter, but touch typing came pretty naturally when drilling in the "correct" finger for each key. The bar for passing was pretty low too, only 35 wpm haha.


kaysn t1_ix42tul wrote

We had dedicated 2 years worth of computer literacy in middle school. The goal was to have everyone be a touch typist by the end. Correct hand placement, type using all your fingers and at least 40 WPM after the first year. Then 75 WPM in the following year. During exams, we'd be tested one by one typing passages with our teacher (Mr. Dwight) checking our hands, checking we don't glance down, and making notes. He'd actually tap our wrists with a ruler, when we dropped it. Saying we'd regret bad posture as we grew older.

Still remember my teacher's words in class, "type like you are playing the piano in a concerto".


HadouKang t1_ix442xj wrote

Wow that sounds intense! I can't imagine an entire class typing at 75+. Most people I know type around 40-50 wpm.

The piano analogy really makes sense though. Because I learned piano before I learned typing, float typing was the default position for me. Never needed wrist rests.


kaysn t1_ix49139 wrote

He was very strict in class. But was somehow a favorite. Was a huge proponent in teaching Excel and HTML coding in class not just basic computer knowledge. And that he was really into PC gaming. And in early 2000s, it was a surprise to see an adult be passionate about technology that wasn't working in tech.


Schievel1 t1_ix75clq wrote

Ah yes the 2000s where schools thought teaching children how to touch type equals teaching children how to use a computer :D

My schools didn’t have enough computers, so we learned touch typing on typewriters in computer class…