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Hi from Austria! I have a Hexgear keyboard with it's stock Kailh Box white switches. I like the feel but they are way too loud. I don't know what switches I could buy as there are so many options. Keycaps are Cherry compatible and the switches are hot swappable on my board. There are only a few sample packs available from cherry in my country. Most sample packs/boards are from the US or from china. Packages from the US take months to arrive and have high import fees. The chinese ones all lack the Glorious Panda switches which I want to test but can't seem to find anywhere to buy just a single switch, it's always packs of 36. Am I missing something, anybody here from europe and knows a good seller of sample packs? Or maybe a list with popular linear and tactile switches I should buy to test?



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Enginseer68 t1_ixlfnms wrote

In Europe I often buy from Keygem and Eloquentclicks

When you buy something, it's not WHERE it's shipped from, but HOW it's shipped that determines the shipping time, if you choose DHL Express for example they deliver in 3 days no matter where you are


pauk1 t1_ixma7qu wrote

Candykeys is from Germany and sells single switches. Thats how i got my first few switches.

Keygem is from Germany too, but the min quantity per switch is 10. Keygem also sells „custom switch testers“, here you can choose multiple single switches (at a higher per piece price tho)


elmurfudd t1_ixl5f1w wrote vendor list u can check the vendor list but ur country isnt known for being a large mech community


miniCotulla OP t1_ixl6k3q wrote

Thank you! Austria has a large mech community? Any sources? I couldn't really find anything in my country.


elmurfudd t1_ixmjvu2 wrote

sorry type it isnt i corrected my comment


stylesuxx t1_ixlftvt wrote

Where from Austria are you? If Vienna, you can borrow my switch tester sampler, just PM me...

Edit: I don't have glorious Pandas though...


miniCotulla OP t1_ixlg0tr wrote

Sadly I'm from upper Austria.


stylesuxx t1_ixlgf02 wrote

I see. My offer still stands, should you come to Vienna.

I personally like to shop with eloquent clicks, they have a decent selection and you can get switches in a 10 pack. I usually order some of those and then a big pack on my next order of the ones I liked best.

Kbdfans also ships with DHL and they are fast (less than a week), you will pay import duties and fees though...


LASERman71 t1_ixlgnd2 wrote

Mechbox does individual switch samples. You can build your test batch as you wish.

They are in UK but ship to Austria. With some BF discounts you shall be fine.