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QWERKey-UK t1_iwgihzi wrote

Not sure what you want me to say in reply to this. Most in here will want long travel, as low profile boards have limited options for customising.

As for no keycaps... that will remove one of the main reasons people are in here... customising their boards.

Given that you give no details about anything... errr..... good luck I suppose? :) Based on the limited information you give though, I wouldn't expect a rush of anticipation. Unless you give more details, I don't see what the point of this is. A keyboard that doesn't use keycaps doesn't sound that great to me.


Keeb-Weeb OP t1_iwgms5g wrote

I could make it so that it uses keycaps though, but this keyboard would still be at about 0.25±0.1mm (design not finalized) travel plus won't be overly expensive to make. It will be relatively thin, so keycaps could be easily incorporated if I find a way to mount them.

This gives me a great idea as to an alternative design. I really appreciate your input.


QWERKey-UK t1_iwh6dtr wrote

>would still be at about 0.25±0.1mm (design not finalized) travel

That would only really appeal to laptop type users. No mechanical keyboard enthusiast would want this. I'm not saying it would have no appeal to anyone, I just think you're hawking this in the wrong place.

Even if you could mount keycaps, they would not be MX compatible, so there would be hardly any replacement caps for it... if any at all if it's a unique design by you. You would be selling an off the shelf keyboard with no options for customisation. I really think you'd be better off pushing this in r/keyboards


Keeb-Weeb OP t1_iwh903l wrote

I could incorporate easily a cherry stem fortunately.

I hope to have time to design and render a prototype this weekend to show you guys, since I don't have a solidworks license anymore I'm converting my skills to Fusion360, so far so good, mostly a matter of finding where things are.

I honestly think it belongs here as it fits the bill of a mechanical keyboard as much as any diy kit except keycaps. I think there would be appeal to users who want to reduce movement because of possible carpal tunnel or injuries or even just want to prevent anything. With the amount of travel, I think it would also appeal to gamers wanted the fastest possible reaction time with their keyboard hand.

It's vastly different in terms in construction, but at it's core it's the same. I'm focusing on first and foremost having the "as basic as possible" model prototyped first, then aiming for improvements through revisions.

I really really think this will bring something new to the keeb realm. You'll just have to wait and see for the first render.


QWERKey-UK t1_iwhhg8o wrote

I guess we'll see when you post something explaining all this.