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KABOTECH t1_iwfmfls wrote

Anything without proper arrow keys is a no for me, I do like small form factors but it's just stupid when you have to press FN to use arrow keys


QWERKey-UK OP t1_iwfmrta wrote

65s have arrow keys... but when it comes to 60s, I agree. I have a few 60s and it is a bit fiddly.


NoOne-NBA- t1_iwgumii wrote

On the other side of that argument, I have dedicated arrow keys on my 60%, in addition to the layered ones.
That setup allows me to use whichever set makes the most sense, at any given moment.

If my right hand is on the mouse, and going back to it, I will either use the dedicated arrow keys, or use WASD with my left hand, surrounded by Backspace, Delete, Pg Up, Pg Dn, etc...
If my right hand is on the mouse, and needs to go to typing position next, I will move it straight to the home position, then use the layered arrows on IJKL, also with the nav cluster keys around them.
If my right hand is already in typing position, I will swap to IJKL, on the fly, then resume typing, without ever moving my right hand from home position.

Moving my hand off the home position, to go use the dedicated arrow keys, then moving it to hit a follow-up key, like Backspace or Delete, then moving it back to home position, is completely inefficient.


antei_ku t1_iwgwckd wrote

Have ralt as fn, WASD as arrows on 2nd layer. Your hands don’t even need to move from the home keys position unlike dedicated arrow keys


Enginseer68 t1_iwg5vse wrote

What you need is a keyboard that can be reprogrammed...

So first, I assume you know the 65% layout right?

If not, you can always map the right mod cluster to become arrow keys on a 60%. How often do you REALLY NEED right Alt, right Ctrl, right Shift and Menu key? Not for me, so on my 60% they become the arrow keys

Then I map the FN key to Caps Lock, I can access most functions with my left hand, plus you can reduce the size + weight of your keyboard