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anhphamfmr t1_iwfsnto wrote

75% is my absolute limit. I cant understand why people prefer to go below that.


Enginseer68 t1_iwg5jft wrote

I used to feel the same

Until I map the FN key to Caps Lock, then it changes everything

I can access most functions I need with my left hand, and reduce the size + weight of my keyboard

If you need arrow keys then 65% will solve that problem


anhphamfmr t1_iwgl19g wrote

I have a small penis, so I need a big keyboard to compensate for that. it's always 100% for me


NoOne-NBA- t1_iwgsd0o wrote

You should get a jacked up, 1-ton, Ram quad-cab 4WD, with a long bed.
That seems to be the go-to solution for all the phallically-challenged individuals in my area.

Make sure you get the optional wall of lights across the entire front too.
Blinding the shit out of all of us Miata drivers, before you pass, is an essential part of successfully hiding your teeny weenie from the public.


WozNZ t1_iwkc5xg wrote

Thanks for the capslock hint. That makes a lot of sense in that you can switch layer and stay on that layer. Capslock is one of the few keys I hardly use normally.


NoOne-NBA- t1_iwgpyci wrote

You can get 75 keys into a 60% case, so I don't see any reason to opt for a 75% case.

The keyboard I'm using right now has 69 keys, with three sets of arrow keys (1 dedicated and 2 layered), and a full proper numpad (also layered), all stuffed into a 60% case, with HHKB blockers on the bottom row.

What more do you want?