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Laneware_Keys OP t1_ixt1j09 wrote

There is potential to offer more layouts on the bottom row based on feedback :D Would you preffer to see a 60% style layout instead of the arrows, or move them elsewhere?


j0shst3r t1_iy2xqgh wrote

I don't like those gaps on the right side or exploded layouts in general. Why I didn't get Keychron's Q65. Missed the point of compact layouts by bloating it with all that unused space. The EVO70 looked good but I didn't like the mounting style and low profile. Same reason with the other 65XTs.

I've been looking for a 60XT for so long. Sadly no one has made one, yet.

Imagine a BM60 layout with the arrows, ? and right shift but with the Kairo65's big knob and left macros. Maybe even split space? Split BS (top "\" and "del", bottom BS). Backlit keys? (I love my ASA Lavacaps)


EDIT: Those arrow keys are essential. They just need to be less cursed somehow. The knob and macro cluster looks so good but the arrows ruin it.