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BlueberryInCup t1_iy9gdoz wrote

wow i really want one ! its sad that theres no southpaw keyboards being produced at the moment :(


NikonZ6 t1_iybejly wrote

My solution is own a TKL keyboard and a Number Pad that you can place wherever you want.

Or set up layers on your keyboard and put the number pad inside your key layout. Someone needs to create a keycap set for just such a thing.


PackYourJammies t1_iy9hf8k wrote

The Viendi might have extras sometime in the next 6 months. Not really what you meant by “being produced,” but it could be an interesting thing to look out for


BlueberryInCup t1_iy9i2u6 wrote

oh i meant like its hard to find them haha


gleneston t1_iybyx94 wrote

Wind studio has one in the works


BlueberryInCup t1_iycokx8 wrote

omg thanks for this info! hopefully they wont be expensive


Mylifesux420 t1_iyde6au wrote

You can check what their other wind series boards costed and see for yourself. They’re all nice boards so don’t expect a qk or jris price


BlueberryInCup t1_iydhbkg wrote

yes! prob around $500 range i guess... but looking at their blueprints, it looks like it might be a little inconvenient for macOS users since they won't have macOS layout :(


Shoddy-Scientist-938 OP t1_iybglsi wrote

Look hard. Other southpaws are out there in different forms/qualities. Gotta check mech market and you can find one of these every once and a while. I may have a new spare board in a few months


fyonn t1_iyaoqhw wrote

That’s looking a lot like 100% to me…


fyonn t1_iyaotfj wrote

Oh, it’s F-keyless, but still like 90%..


Shoddy-Scientist-938 OP t1_iyaq7ig wrote

Exactly, 65% + numb pad. I agree with you, that’s just what the board is called though.


dubyakay t1_iybk0e5 wrote

Looks like a southpaw FRL 1800 to me. Not a "65% with numpad".

Awesome board btw.


GolemancerVekk t1_iydcjov wrote

I've seen people prefer the "extended 65%" name because it's more helpful. It means that the keyboard was extended on the left with a numpad fitting however many rows there are available (4-6). It's easier than estimating whether it falls into "1800" or "96%" or whatever category.


JDBCool t1_iybfvlm wrote

UGH..... just why is this damned board a UNICORN.

Like why are southpaws the Unicorn breed of keyboards!

"Niche" just doesn't cut it. As I know PLENTY of accountants that would kill, literally kill, for a southpaw like this


Shoddy-Scientist-938 OP t1_iybg8s2 wrote

Imo number 1 reason is due to should alignment. Source: I am an accountant.

As for this board it’s a limited run board, that probably won’t have a rerun.


tappivahvero t1_iy9qol5 wrote

Nice build and mouse mat! Where's the mat from?


Shoddy-Scientist-938 OP t1_iy9vxbu wrote

Thanks! The mouse mat itself is called “Kanagawa Deskmat”

There are a couple different versions/colors that are so cool.

Hard to find in stock but I bought mine not too long ago from a Canada retailer named Mech.Land. Can probably Google that to find them.


Kyser_ t1_iyb5l5g wrote

I really like that left-sided numpad.


kool-keys t1_iycjzxl wrote

You don't see many of those in here. I love the combination of WoB on a white board. It's a classic look.