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Czumanahana OP t1_j2d4rld wrote

Right now I am using 2x 100max batteries. The life time is really poor - not even a day. Oleds are enabled, rgba is disabled. I am planning on replacing the oleds with nice!view. However I am worried that this will be not enough. Last resort is printing a case with some space for a bigger battery, but maybe you guys have other suggestions?


Tweetydabirdie t1_j2ddc8g wrote

If you have the RGBs soldered, and external VCC on, they are drawing roughly 7-8mAh per LED in standby keeping the communication on.

And as said OLEDs are also a battery killer. With nice!views instead, and no RGB soldered, it’s a whole different story.


Czumanahana OP t1_j2de787 wrote

Wow, thanks for the info! I was not aware of that. I guess it's desoldering time :D


sirbakealot t1_j2dc92x wrote

the poor battery life is because of the oleds. another thing to take note of is that underglow leds will draw power even when disabled.

if you really want/need displays go for the nice!views and you'll get around of week of uptime on the central half.

I have 600mah in my build and the central half gets roughly two months on one charge, no displays


Czumanahana OP t1_j2dedz3 wrote

Thanks! What about per key RGBs? Should I also desolder those?


sirbakealot t1_j2do84o wrote

probably. I used a pcb with underglow only in the past, and even with external power disabled in the fw the drain was still noticeable


Malcolmlisk t1_j2egw6l wrote

I want to build my own corne wireless but I cannot finish the whole list of componentes. Do you have the whole list of componentes for you setup? It's just beautiful.


Sonoflyn t1_j2dnq12 wrote

haha I finally finished mine recently too. Maybe you could get a bigger case that could fit larger batteries. I'm guessing you have small ones under the microcontroller?


Czumanahana OP t1_j2e6mgs wrote

Yes, right now I am using a small one. I am going to replace them, however I need a nice case first


Sonoflyn t1_j2edak2 wrote

maybe you could replace the stand-off screw things from the case with longer ones to make some space below the pcb. Sadly it would be less low profile


pedrorq t1_j2d64mv wrote




type_ace t1_j2d6n24 wrote

They look so good! I'm about to make one too, although I've had an Iris already but sold it because I could not get used to it... Let's just try again :p


LuisFontinelles t1_j2dkb4n wrote

I like de idea of this board, maybe if it had a better battery or a more economical circuit it would be perfect


Czumanahana OP t1_j2dmic8 wrote

It turns out that oleds + rgb is my problem. I will update you if it is better after desoldering rgbs and replacing oleds with nice!nano


CreaminFreeman t1_j2dr14i wrote

I want to build a wired one of these so badly. No stabs, my idea of heaven.


MrHaxx1 t1_j2ejj93 wrote

Not having stabs is great

Would recommend


ComfyPotato2 t1_j2f0elw wrote

Can you share some resources regarding how you made this? I’m handwriting a corne-Dactyl-thing right now and eventually want to make it wireless.


Czumanahana OP t1_j2f0pdi wrote

To be fair it’s just a corne build with pro micro replaced with nice!nano + batteries. No black magic here :). I watched Nicell (yt) assembling lily58 and did the same with corne.


ComfyPotato2 t1_j2f0ykj wrote

No black magic, but exactly the explanation I was looking for! Thanks!


MadeWithPat t1_j2f1k53 wrote

BastardKb has some daughter boards with a pro micro footprint + footprints for jst connectors and power switches. That was the route I was gonna go (they’re open sourced on GitHub)