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Stabika OP t1_j1i2pqe wrote

Though i wish it was, this is not my build. They made a whole blog post detailing the build here.


Either-Plant4525 t1_j1indu2 wrote

>his grandparents had a rotary dial phone

the use of grandparents here and not parents makes me feel old


SadisticAI t1_j1iqpnt wrote

The rotary phone started to be phased out in the 50’s was discontinued in ‘86. If you were born in the 90s very good chance your parents did not own a rotary.


stylesuxx t1_j1j2rlu wrote

Probably depends where you are from. We still had rotary phones in the early to mid 90ies...


Kallehoe t1_j1kdaqj wrote

Yeah, just because they didn't sell any more of them doesn't mean everyone upgraded right away.

We got a button phone early 90s.

The old one was hanging about until 2000s before it got thrown out.


dinopuppy6 t1_j1iumt1 wrote

Was born in early 80s and we had a rotary phone. Prob ditched it in the early 90s. Thing was solid and wouldn’t die


on-the-line t1_j1j8beg wrote

Late 70s baby, here. Same. Had a yellow one to match the paint in the kitchen with a long ass stretched out coiled cable. My mom would get it wrapped around her while multitasking.


NotThatEasily t1_j1jl47c wrote

Born in ‘87 and we had a rotary phone hooked up in the basement, but our main phone was a touch tone.


cmhamm t1_j1j38tq wrote

Might have been discontinued in ‘86, but I’m pretty sure they still work if you have a POTS line.


WolvenSpectre t1_j1lden0 wrote

Only if the carrier supports Pulse signalling, which was largely removed when they moved to Optical Fibre Networking.


big_fuzzeh t1_j1lyjjf wrote

Voice switches are all digital now, so handsets using pulse dialing (analog) no longer work. DTMF replaced pulse dialing, so any handset using DTMF should still work on a POTS line today.

Of course there may be a pocket in the world sill using pulse, but I doubt it. The parts for analog voice switches have been manufacturer-discontinued for decades.


Zombie_SiriS t1_j1jyb7n wrote

I grew up in the odd period of time where I had to unplug the rotary phone, to plug the single phoneline into the modem so I could access BBSs.


B1GTOBACC0 t1_j1k205b wrote

I was born in '86, and remember my grandparents upgrading from dial to cordless around 1997.

Those rotary phones lasted forever, and grandad wasn't about to replace that "perfectly good" phone with a 40 foot cord on it.


shibbo92 t1_j1j90ul wrote

My mom kept an old rotary phone around when I was a kid just in case power went out.


Little_Monkey_Mojo t1_j1kle8x wrote

The rotary and the touch tone were both supplied power through the telephone line. If one would have worked, the other would have worked.


jacesonn t1_j1k19mw wrote

In 80 ish years we went from not having phones to having phones then back to not having (landline) phones


Weaseal t1_j1jah84 wrote

I was born in the early 80s and the only one I can remember using was at the community swimming pool. The lifeguard office had one you could use to call your parents to pick you up. I had to get help using it the first few times.


LiftsEatsSleeps t1_j1jy23a wrote

Was born in the mid 80s, had a Western Electric model 554 on the wall until about 1997. My grandparents had one until they died in 2012.


[deleted] t1_j1k4615 wrote



SpambotSwatter t1_j1recr3 wrote

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kkaos84 t1_j1kzdz7 wrote

Born in the early 80s. Pretty sure I remember a yellow rotary phone on the wall in the kitchen in my earliest memories. There was definitely a similar rotary phone that sat on the bedside table at my grandparents' house for many years.


Captain_Pumpkinhead t1_j1l5a2k wrote

I was born in 98. My parents had a pink rotary phone. I remember my dad saying I could have it in my room, until I was old enough to want to use it. Being young and dumb, I (years) later asked him how to hook it up so I could use it. It got taken away.


ExternalPast7495 t1_j1pncsb wrote

Born in the 90s, used many a rotary... missing variable, Australian.


Somegeezer t1_j1k3ihi wrote

The use of your parents and not yourself makes me feel old. I'm not even middle aged.


maxkmiller t1_j1j5zz0 wrote

my dumb ass thought it was like a skateboard or razor scooter wheel 💀


lucy_pants t1_j1jer3n wrote

This is my favourite bit;

"I figured that it was imperative that the dial actually work for numeric input - especially since I was planning to remove the number row as well, thus forcing the use of the rotary dial for numeric or symbolic entry."

You have to hold shift and turn the dial for symbols.


kkaos84 t1_j1kzpge wrote

A rotary numpad! Amazing. I'll add that to the list of things I never knew I needed.

I would say his job does not involve a significant amount of numeric data entry though. That may take him a while.


sedwards65 t1_j1rdc03 wrote

Fun fact. (AFAIK it's true.)

One of the factors for assigning area codes in the NANP was population -- with heavily populated areas getting codes that took less time to dial. Except 201 which the Bell Labs engineers 'took' for themselves.


PluginAlong t1_j1icfy6 wrote

They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they never stopped to wonder if they should.


bioemerl t1_j1ihba8 wrote

And had they stopped, the answer would have been FUCK YES.


LeBaux t1_j1l6ciq wrote

Timeline of my reactions to this picture:

  1. Haha, that's silly
  2. I mean... I used rotary phones and dialing was kinda nice
  3. I need a rotary phone numpad

Samwyzh t1_j1iheoc wrote

“Yeah man, I will be on for raid night, I just need to work on my rotation before then.”


camilatricolor t1_j1igr0c wrote

Imagine to be able to call 911 with out leaving the home row... sir take my money and send me this beauty 😍


Yoosulis t1_j1ibidy wrote

I can finally send a keyboard when someone says something stupid!


J_Sauce_C t1_j1if42m wrote

Won’t take long before someone really makes this shit. Then we’re gonna get telegraph keyboards


iISimaginary t1_j1kibrr wrote

>Won’t take long before someone really makes this shit.

What do you mean? This is a photo from an actual build.


Drenhat t1_j1iz56x wrote

All I want in life is a typewriter keyboard.



bltrunner85 t1_j1io4n6 wrote

I want it. I need it. I NEED IT!


friiz1337 t1_j1iqxns wrote

Turning the phone with your finger is low-key satisfying ngl.


LeicaM6guy t1_j1iw81s wrote

This is the sexiest keyboard I’ve ever seen. How can I make this?


BauerUK t1_j1k239x wrote

is this still tenkeyless?


RushTfe t1_j1km8cd wrote

There are no keys, there are holes, so I'd say it's tkl


Chopchopok t1_j1ievra wrote

Now you can get clacky noises while you make clacky noises.


okami_the_doge_I t1_j1ig9mo wrote

If you used three rotor dials concurrently, I am sure you. Could types roughly the same speed


effteebee t1_j1ivc8t wrote

I saw the thumbnail briefly before I took a closer look and thought to myself "It's about time someone put a CD player on the side of a keyboard."


MalanaoWalanao t1_j1ijl21 wrote

“Yea dude let me just dial in this code from my keyboard”


[deleted] t1_j1iokoe wrote

I... Must... Have... This.


KPDover t1_j1itojx wrote

Not gonna win any awards for data entry speed with that, but it's awesome!


doggiekruger t1_j1iy020 wrote

Straight to the bottom of hell /s


ukulele_melancholic t1_j1j1tl2 wrote

At first glance, I thought, this is really lame, then I imagined myself doing it and in fact I think I would love to have something like this...good job


dpetz79 t1_j1j33dl wrote

I need a keyboard with a flux capacitor built in. When I type 88 words per minute I can then travel through time.


NoNick1337 t1_j1j4wef wrote

Don’t mess with this guy. He has SWAT on quick dial.


stephs_LOL t1_j1j750k wrote

I need this as a module that i can add to my keyboard, or a seperate one all-in-all


LunaOSS t1_j1jclxr wrote

knob fanboys need this


viriv-on-reddit t1_j1k1dr4 wrote

Got my Minecraft hotbar on speed dial 🔥


h0n3yd1ck t1_j1ljdv0 wrote

Omg , thought it was an ashtray at first


notananthem t1_j1ijc7l wrote

Is there a 100% rotary input keyboard? 30% rotary? Sign me up


afonsocarlos t1_j1ilfc0 wrote

Amazing retro! Took my upvote.


Shen0bi t1_j1irsqb wrote

The ultimate fidget/tool accessory


Monchild_Simon_Iff t1_j1isg3x wrote

That’s an awesome idea actually! Certainly the article, could see a band using it on stage as a controller


5tr4nGe t1_j1iyiob wrote

I hate that I actually love this


pizzaz007 t1_j1j0584 wrote

Was just talking about a keyboard like this with some of my coworkers the other day

I'm so in love


thatsandwizard t1_j1j47z3 wrote

Funky looking numpad ya got there bud


BadMotorScooter73 t1_j1j4zcm wrote

Honestly...if I knew how to get a hold of squidgeefish, I'd f%$king buy one


jk2damax t1_j1jautm wrote

I prefer abacus


th_linux1107 t1_j1jkgle wrote

I absolutely love this! Fantastic!


nolnogax t1_j1jpaaf wrote

Plot twist: This was built by a Counter Strike pro gamer.


NavinHaze t1_j1jple1 wrote

This is beautiful and r/blursed


ExigoxD t1_j1jpvy1 wrote

Speak for yourself op...


SurealGod t1_j1jqrh0 wrote

What non-car people think when I say I'm a "rotary guy".


Skullz64 t1_j1jsg51 wrote

Dude fused the 1970s tech with 2017s tech


that_tazer t1_j1jsxnp wrote

Does it have a nice tactile feedback?


samdiceque t1_j1jt5uj wrote

Many people might no know but this is the way PC people used to use dial up internet in the 80,s and 90,s


technologyclassroom t1_j1jtn1r wrote

This is cool as a stand-alone USB device, but I would not want it connected to my keyboard. Blocking the 5th row is silly and I love it.


PetrTran t1_j1jv2dw wrote



Trollarrow_ t1_j1k2k1h wrote

I didnt even notice the number row at first glance lmao


OddKSM t1_j1k3i8z wrote

...yet now I want


ilovebrownies t1_j1k6ec1 wrote

Is there an /r/mechanicalkeyboardscirclejerk sub? Haha!


kryo2019 t1_j1k7f04 wrote

I work for a service provider, and would fucking love being able to place calls in my softphone with a rotary dial


Blur_410 t1_j1k8y4f wrote

My grandparents had a rotary phone up until the 2010s. I remember calling my great grandma while she was still alive on it.


robin-m t1_j1kbcr8 wrote

That's so good! Thanks for the laught


DKx1 t1_j1khj82 wrote

They should remove the alphabet portion and put a rotary dial there too for T9 style typing


Bheggard t1_j1kls2z wrote

I wonder if this ever gets annoying to use.


MrNobodyISME t1_j1kmh4p wrote

I love that. I have also tinkered with a rotary dial which is now attached to my desk


innsleeper t1_j1ligim wrote

Now THIS is the kind of awesome shit I come here every day hoping to see! GG WP OP


Crunchykandi t1_j1ljei0 wrote

I use my numpad for rhythm games, this design might complicate that


triadwarfare t1_j1llkfh wrote

I could definitely use this if it's compatible with our VOIP Phone.


fujiman t1_j1lq6uc wrote

Mechanical keyboard with a disk drive.


SmerksCannotCarry t1_j1m5w1a wrote

They even blocked off the number row. That's dedication I guess


missamethyst1 t1_j1mqtrg wrote

Meh, wake me up when someone builds a keeb incorporating a telegraph key! /s

Seriously though, this is pretty awesome. Sure, it's not the most functional idea, but if we were only concerned about function, we wouldn't bother with, say, different colored keypads or anything else aesthetic.


volvo765ti t1_j1qsrbm wrote

I suddenly feel the need to have a rotary numpad


deletus_my_fetus t1_j1vvu47 wrote

It’s not obvious from the picture that OP shared, but the rotary dial also has the symbols of each number key. I’m curious if they actually work. (How they would work is probably just by pressing shift like normal.)

I can’t imagine they don’t work, especially since OP both replaced normal functionality of the number key row:

> Yes, it does in fact type out the rotary dial is mightier than the number keys when pressed;

and added the symbols to the 3D printed shroud that hides the internals.