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AkDoxx t1_j6nudkf wrote

Could be the lube job. I personally don’t trust prelubed switches. A lighter coat or thinner lube probably would have done the switches some good, although glorious switches aren’t that great to begin with. If you want a heavy tactile switch the Boba U4t’s are great. For linear the Gateron Oil Kings are nice and have a pretty good factory lube job if you don’t want to bother doing it yourself.


gobstopp OP t1_j6ou7iz wrote

I was looking for a quiet switch that still had some feedback. The u4t sounds like they make a lot more noise then boba u4. I read the u4 and u4t have the same feel, just the u4’s make less noise.

Is that true?


AkDoxx t1_j6peto3 wrote

Ah I see. Yes the U4’s are the silenced version of the U4t’s. There’s also the U4tx which has a silenced topping out sound so you only hear the bottom out.