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chutkipaanmasala t1_j5aornb wrote

Mf calls himself an unashamed keyboard nerd, and has never lubed a switch before or even owned a custom. Lol


van_dachs t1_j5awoes wrote

He also lubes one switch and has "100-odd more to go"... For a 75 percent.


gcpanda t1_j5cjsst wrote

Tbf, he may have bought a set of like 110 because that’s what the option was.


[deleted] t1_j5beb6l wrote

He also thinks that Asus plastic keyboard is "all weighty metal and enthusiast keeb pretentions", so yeah... he clearly doesn't know his ass from his elbow.


Errorpheus t1_j5fa7xw wrote

I mean, it's certainly not on the level of a lot of high end boards, but the Azoth is definitely aiming for the crossover in the Venn diagram of gamers and custom keyboard enthusiasts. Or put more simply, this is not your typical Asus keyboard.


[deleted] t1_j5fkai9 wrote

It is a ludicrously priced plastic keyboard with an OLED and a free jar of lube. Some people are easily bought, given that for the money they are asking, you could buy an actual custom board.


Siddhant_813 t1_j5b8awe wrote

I know people who write for these sites, most of them know nothing about the topics they've to write about so they just google stuff for 5 mins and write like 500 words to get paid. Most of them are freelancers so they can't afford to invest in the topic. Hence, end making a vicious cycle of underpaid writers and Jack ass content.


kadeve t1_j5e6imb wrote

hopefully chatGPT will get rid of all those waste of space. If someone is going to write totally useless articles that doesn't benefit anyone in terms of knowledge, why not AI ?


Siddhant_813 t1_j5eayls wrote

In my opinion it won't make any difference, cause I've seen some AI's popping up that detect if a piece has been written by an AI or not, just like plagiarism checker, but I can't say about their performance. Till those become mainstream, I believe you're right.


profbard t1_j5i9dbr wrote

What text resources do you think chatgpt would get trained on if not this exact kind of article?


kadeve t1_j5lous8 wrote

the good ones, so this guy can start dumpster diving to feed himself instead of poisoning people with bad info


90kPing t1_j5f7vt5 wrote

I kinda feel bad for this guy now


yfa17 t1_j5aw880 wrote

Buying a typewriter apparently makes you a keyboard nerd now


Sliced_Orange1 t1_j5az04b wrote

PC Gamer and most of those gaming/tech news outlets are a total joke. They don't care about quality content that might actually be useful or interesting to somebody, they only care about clicks.


AKHKMP t1_j5b0cz2 wrote

Tell me you dont know jack without telling me you dont know jack


C0rl3x t1_j5cak12 wrote

"I'm obsessive about the infinitesimally different feel of different key switches, but I could detect absolutely no change in the smoothness of the press or the speed of the debounce."

Reading that put me somewhere in-between loling and being completely speechless. I've only put one very expensive custom keyboard together so I can't even call myself obsessive, but the difference between no lube and lube was night and day for me.


MayAsWellStopLurking t1_j5cis8h wrote

Given how harsh halo trues are (and the fact that he’s never lubed switches before) I could easily foresee a scenario in which it feels the same to him.


C0rl3x t1_j5cnxwk wrote

You're probably right that it wouldn't be as impactful as it was for me with tangerines, but still... If you care about "infinitesimal" differences then you would notice.


MayAsWellStopLurking t1_j5cp5hd wrote

That’s true, but if they claim to care about those kinds of differences but don’t even mention how they’ve never taken apart their switches before I know they’re basically lying out of their damn ass.

The first keyboard things I bought were 68g U4s with TX springs and a switch opener and I didn’t dare call myself an ‘obsessively detailed switch’ person.


MenosDaBear t1_j5btytc wrote

To be 100% honest, most of the time improved sound is the bigger attribute I am looking for when I lube my switches. Better feel is great, especially if you have particularly scratchy switches, but the sound profile is just so much better to my ears after lubing.


darknessblades t1_j5bwwc1 wrote

PC gamer should really give him a ticket to a Mech-Meet.


Where perfectly lubed keyboards are next to a normal, a overlubed, and a N00B lubed board.

then see if he can see a difference


Kazozz t1_j5dck43 wrote

dude probably just tested the switch without a keycap and not in the board and was like. yeah these are basically the same


ThereminGoat t1_j5dz5ve wrote

I think he needs to try more switches


Phoenix49- t1_j5bvk6c wrote

this is clearly only true for nk creams


kadeve t1_j5e6obz wrote

I have always been a horse rider my whole life...But I never seen a horse before. So here is my expert opinion about horses:
They have only 2 legs.

where is my paycheck as a senior editor?


AkDoxx t1_j5b2jgm wrote

Verge put out an equally as mind numbing piece about mechs and I think it’s great fodder for the enthusiasts and does a good job of inadvertently gatekeeping.


HadouKang t1_j5bkc2o wrote

Which one in particular? Their mechanical keyboard reviews seem fair (e.g. rightfully calling out the Drop Sense75 as overpriced). Of course they don't cover the more niche enthusiast boards, but their takes on mainstream boards are about in line with the community's sentiments.

Their glowing Keychron Q2 review is what got me into mechanical keyboards so I'd argue that they're doing more or less the opposite of gatekeeping.

Edit: are you talking about the PCMag article? (whew this one was wild)


p8tball_guy t1_j5b7nvm wrote

Tell me you've never actually used a lubed switch without telling me.

My mx browns with 65g springs and luber are a dream.


Ispheria t1_j5ci9np wrote

do they think that mx browns are the best tactile as well?


toddybody t1_j5dnuu4 wrote

So glad y’all posted this…that article made my heart ache…


Marxistence t1_j5dolql wrote

I mean, the dude is using stock Halo Trues, what do we expect…


ethyou t1_j5e3i90 wrote

pc gamer is an imbecile


Niemi5xb t1_j5epeim wrote

Tfw lubing switches doesn't make them completely silent and I get a disapproving look from my wife🤦‍♂️ jesus christ


Mercyisbad t1_j5f3p4m wrote

im debating whether i should lube my gat blues, pro yellow, pro silvers. theyre already satisfyingly smooth, i see/hear no point on spending $20-30 on a lube kit


cortlong t1_j5jbawf wrote

Clickies no Tactile and linear definitely.

It’s definitely worth it if you have the patience. And I’m more of a clicky guy. But for yellows and silvers most definitely.


collectivisticvirtue t1_j5k831p wrote

Even a total weird taste like me (Settled with a goddamn keychron k3 (lubed yellow keychron optical switch + 80g spring) knows lubing makes a lot difference


Camtheham95 t1_j5rclaw wrote

It's always hilarious when you are reading about something that you indulge in as a hobby. It really just shows how much time these people put into writing random articles. ( No time at all) The media really does know how to hate on things that they know nothing about because it's easy. We all look for the easiest way, sometimes it is good to remember why you enjoy something and just enjoy it for as long as possible!


destructo77 t1_j5c6kcm wrote

Can't say much on the lubing (I have no interest in it), but I'm interested in the 75% keyboard the article referenced.


dubyakay t1_j5cv424 wrote

Looks like the asus rog azoth?


destructo77 t1_j5cvk2i wrote

Yeah, it looks pretty interesting for an exploded 75%. I'm very curious to see what the price will be.


Regular_Tailor t1_j5bv0h5 wrote

They may be idiots, but at least they're not lubing switches.