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theneobob OP t1_j9xm1cx wrote

actualy, this one.

but i realise that it is some realy specific stuff (even they are on bandcamp too wich i realy apreciate)

i was more complaining about the fact that i can't manage to read peoples fiolder proprely and I often end up with album with half the songs or with multiple time the same song because it has a sligtly different name.
Its a perfect tool when you know well the band and know what you are looking for. but when I am discovering something i can't manage to have a proper discovering experience.

also is there a way to show only wave/flac files ? its annoyng to have to check the bitrate each time


No-Context5479 t1_j9z7xjk wrote

Yeah the interface is a bit clunky and you'd have to scroll till you see the .flac and .wav files... I get your point now