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I'm in my early 20s. My music taste isn't weird, but I think its lacking. I just listen to shitty boomer rock nowadays. I used to listen to lots of heavy metal when I was younger, but I don't anymore.

I don't think my music taste is worth mentioning or matches who I am as a person. That's why I don't talk about music with other people. How do I get a taste in music?



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Valdamier t1_jabypwb wrote

You pick a song you like, to listen on YouTube, then fall down the rabbit hole.


Kvothetheraven603 t1_jadfo6t wrote

Pro-tip: do this while not being logged into YouTube. If you are logged in, YouTube is more likely to play songs you already listen to often on there instead of playing other songs “similar” to what you are trying to find.


Forward_Ad_4746 t1_jabw7sx wrote

This usually takes years and tons of music "processed" by you. I mean not only listening to it, sometimes it is useful and interesting to know how musicians record their music, why they do it exactly this way, and what is more behind it. Rock/metal is a nice field to dig in this regard, just don't limit yourself to a single subgenre, try different ones, explore the musicians' backgrounds and so on. Intelligent musicians produce interesting music, interesting music develops taste. I see it this way.


frxdaymusic t1_jac1s6r wrote

I'd start by trying to identify what you like about the current music you're listening to. Is it the vocals? The lyrics? The instrumentals? Once you narrow it down, start searching online for things that are similar to the things you've identified.

If that doesn't help at all, I'd explore some of the premade playlists in whatever streaming service you use and find what you like from that. As you find new artists, write them down and then look up artists that are similar.


kemphasalotofkids t1_jac68gw wrote

You probably haven't found something that hits you hard emotionally yet.

I am happy to throw some stuff your way...


Martipar t1_jac6hd7 wrote

What do you mean "it doesn't fit your personality"? Music taste shouldn't define a person, i have few metalhead friends that don't adhere to the stereotype of a a bit thick, beer swilling rednecks. I with in a kitchen but I've got mates who work in magazine publishing, libraries and many dress in non-stereotypical clothing. I'm currently wearing all black but it's standard jeans and a plain jumper, i could pass for a Jazz fan as much as a metalhead.


youngcaliman23 OP t1_jacp4ou wrote

Im a teenager and listen to old boomer shit. Kinda lame compared to all the other teens.


Martipar t1_jacvohr wrote

And? When i was 8 i loved Gary Glitter and relished in 70s glam and rock bands until i discovered Iron Maiden at 17 in 2003. It's not lame to be unlike other people, the only lame people are those that can't accept you're a bit different.

I still listen to glam bands though, my favourite it's Sweet but you'll also find me listening to Cradle of Filth and Chuck Berry too.


Kvothetheraven603 t1_jadggdf wrote

Sounds like you are letting outside influences (either in person or on the interwebs) dictate what you think is good. This seems evident by your use of the term “boomer rock”.

I have a wide range of musical tastes, including plenty of classic rock. I never worry about what others think and listen to what I like.

All of that being said, considering you used to dig metal, maybe try some modern prog/prog-metal to see if any of it hits you. Check out bands like Tesseract, Voices From The Fuselage, Thank You Scientist, Protest The Hero, Porcupine Tree, The Contortionist, etc.


AdmiralPrinny t1_jacbz20 wrote

I was always super interested in music so i kinda can’t relate to this on some level, but when I got the internet as a kid I listened to yahoo music radio of bands I liked and genre radios and discovered a lot of stuff that way. I suspect you can do the same with Spotify playlists and pandora radio to get an idea.

What do you want your musical taste to say about you? That’s the strange thing, I used to think it meant a lot about me then I realized it just means I like a lot of stuff once I stepped out of my elitism box


MadcapMagician923 t1_jacdttt wrote

Try listening to a band called Poets of the Fall. Let me know what you think. I’m 60 and keep on the lookout for any good music, I’m heavily into POTF, Jellyroll, Shinedown, Godsmack.


OkSoft9617 t1_jacztg3 wrote

In the same boat, feels like I only listen to boomer rock or the same 5 artists I’ve had on rotation since I was 17. I’ve started listening to the artists that my favourite artists like and going from there :) otherwise, I just go to the “artists like this” and pick a random album while I go about my day and save the songs that stick out


mgt_a t1_jad3fnp wrote

Define "shitty boomer rock"


[deleted] t1_jadzgva wrote

What is Boomer music?

As a boomer (only just) I get a little tired of people using the term in what always seems a derogatory manner.

You do realize that people at the age of 60 (me) can and do listen to any music. I've got friends that are 10-15 years younger than me, but have playlists that quite frankly make me yawn, because often they are listening to what their parents listened to. I've always kept up to date with music (why I'm here), yet I often feel I'm not welcome on social media due to my age.

I've had my say, and now I'm off to play some GTA and listen to Faith No More, SOAD, and maybe some Muse.